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Treat you better is a teen pop number. It would be apt to refer to it like that. This hit track by the Canadian singer, songwriter, and a suave young man, Shawn Mendes. Treat you better is a lead single from Shawn’s 2nd studio album, Illuminate, 2016. The song is full of emotions and different moods. It was released on YouTube on July 12, 2016. The song turned out to be mind-blowing and made rounds on social media. It was a treat for Shawn’s massive fan base. Currently, the song has been viewed over 2.1 billion times.

Shawn Mendes, along with Scott Harris and Teddy Geiger, wrote the track. Their passion and talent are quite evident in the song.

How to Download Shawn Mendes – Treat You Better

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The Song Review

Performed Phenomenally in the Commercial Aspect!

Treat you better went on to receive a phenomenal commercial success. Starting high, the song grabbed the 6th spot on the US Billboard Hot 100 songs chart. Besides that, the song made it to the top 10 songs on the list of Mainstream Top 40 and the Adult Top 10 airplay charts. In Shawn Mendes’s homeland, Canada, the song won the No. 6 spot on the Canadian Hot 100 songs chart. In addition, the song got the gold certification from Music Canada. Moreover, the song was on the top of the charts in Poland, Slovenia, Australia, Germany, Slovakia, and Sweden.

The song bagged a BMI Award for the category of Award Winning Songs. It was also awarded at the Radio Disney Music Awards for Song of the Year. ‘Treat you better’ received nominations for best pop video and single of the year. Treating you better was a critical success as well.

About who this song is about?

Whenever any singer drops a singer a song about relationships, the whole world gets curious. People, fans, and media want to know about whom the song is all about.

Well, you are in for a shock. Because Shawn confirmed in 2020 that it is about Camilla. Sadly, the couple called it splits recently. This came as a shock to the fan base of both artists. They were head over heels in love with each other. Shawn and Camilla both posted on their Instagram stories that they had broken up.

Both announced their official relationship last year. They were friends for a long time before that. According to Pop Buzz, Shawn has clearly said that it is about Camilla in the Netflix documentary, In Wonder.

Shawn goes like, “We are in New York, and my song comes up on the radio, and the fact comes up that it is about her. And I am like yeah, it is about you”. He becomes more specific and adds, “And I am rhyming of the songs like, ‘Treat you Better,’ all these songs. She is like, oh my God”!

Music Video

Its music video is moody and dark, according to Teen Vogue. The video is all about Shawn imagining a girl who is in an abusive relationship. Shawn thinks that he can treat her better.

The video begins with the couple fighting and arguing in a car. Then the story unravels. There are shots of the abusive male partner misbehaving with the girl. Shawn has a clear idea about the violence going on between them. However, he fails to get why the girl is still in that relationship.

The music video takes a meaningful take when you can see the contact number for the National domestic violence helpline.

Music & Lyrics

In terms of music, ‘Treat you Better’ is a pop number and a tempo with 83 beats per minute.

Talking about the lyrical aspect, the song is about failing to understand why a girl wants to retain an abusive relationship, especially when the other guy can treat her better.

Shawn Mendes - Treat You Better
Treat You Better is a 2016 song by the Canadian singer Shawn Mendes (1998). Download it now and see why it is so popular.
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