Skrillex and Diplo – Where Are Ü Now with Justin Bieber

Where Are Ü Now is a famous song produced by the well-known American EDM artists who are Skrillex and Diplo. This song was made under the collaborative effort of Jack Ü, having the vocals by leading Canadian singer, we all know as Justin Bieber.

This song was the 2nd single from the duo’s debut amazing studio album, entitled Skrillex and the Diplo Present Jack Ü in 2015. It was also part of Justin’s 4th studio album, entitled, Purpose, in 2015.

This song gathered colossal appreciation and love from the audience and was part of the best songs for the year 2015. It even won Grammy Awards, the nomination for Best Dance Recording. At a commercial level, the song even peaked at the 8th number on Billboard Hot 100.

How to Download Skrillex and Diplo – Where Are Ü Now with Justin Bieber

You can download the song from a digital store such as Amazon Music or Apple Music – click on the Download button that is located below this review. If you like Justin Bieber, check out also Love Yourself. What Do You Mean?, and Sorry.

The Song Review

Skrillex and Diplo – “Where Are Ü Now” with Justin Bieber – the Meaning of the Lyrics

In the song “Where Are Ü Now,” Justin Bieber depicts the song by addressing his loved ones. The lyrics of the song are all about making someone feel the resources, dedication, and energy he has put into the relationship and is not getting the best return he deserves.

In short, by saying, where are you now? I need you; Justin tells everyone that he is the victim of unreciprocated love. As the song’s lyrics will go ahead, a romantic feel and interest will develop in the music. He mentions the sacrifices he has made and the boundaries he has crossed.

Skrillex and Diplo – “Where Are Ü Now” – the Video Interpretation

No doubt that the main attraction of the entire video is the glimpse of Justin Bieber, for which the fans have been yearning.

Some shots of the song will highlight the drawings on Justin’s face to express how much he is broken from the inside. But in some video shots, you will have a simple artistic glimpse of Justin and his few dance moves so the audience can interact with the singer and what he is trying to say.

Have You Listened to Where Are Ü Now?

If you are a big Justin Bieber fan, which I am sure you are, check out this song right now and have it on your playlist. Listening to it once will make you hear this song all the time.

About the Artists

Justin Bieber, we all know, is the top leading Canadian pop star who has been working in the music industry since he was 13 years old. Although his career has faced many ups and downs, he has managed to make every song a big success.

EDM artists Skrillex and Diplo are known for their careers of being disc jockeys, remixers, and producers. They are popular in the music industry for their bass-heavy and pop-style songs. Hence, they have produced songs for many artists so far.

Skrillex and Diplo - Where Are Ü Now with Justin Bieber
Where Are Ü Now is a song by the American DJ duo Skrillex (1988) and Diplo (1978) known together as Jack Ü, and Justin Bieber (1994). Download it now.
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Skrillex and Diplo - Where Are Ü Now with Justin Bieber Review Summary

  • The lyrics of the song are a pure depiction of love and romance
  • The graphical work of the video is awe-inspiring
  • If you are not an EDM pop lover, you will find this song loud
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