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Blank Space is a quintessential badass hit from Taylor Swift’s 2014 Album 1989. America’s sweetheart and national cat lady Taylor stunned the world by this number. This song came at transitional times as Taylor went from being a country artist to a rocking pop star. Blank Space was released on YouTube on November 14, 2014. To date, it stands as a banger with almost 2.9 billion on YT. After several melodiously cheesy love songs, Taylor decided to change the game with an electropop number.

Blank Space stood at the No.1 spot on the Billboard Hot 100 songs chart. Moreover, RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America) has certified Blank Space in platinum eight times. In addition, it became one of the decade’s best songs list by leading media houses such Rolling Stones, Billboard, and Slant. Even the International Federation of Phonographic Industry (IFPI) declared Blank Space one of the “Best Selling Singles of 2015”.

How to Download Taylor Swift – Blank Space

You can download the song from iTunes, click on the Download button at the end of this review. Check out also another song by Taylor Swift that we have reviewed – Shake It Off.

The Song Review

Blank Space: Swift at her Peak

In actuality, this song is a satirical and self-referenced nod to Taylor’s media image. The media usually portrayed Taylor as a serial dater. Moreover, at that time, she went through major media and tabloid scrutiny. Taylor woke up and decided not to let the judgmental scrutiny take a toll on herself. Instead, she played well and had a hilarious take on the baseless exaggerated image. In short, she created Blank Space.

Armed with Blank Space, she mocked the media. In an interview with GQ, Taylor mentioned her media portrayal as, “A Girl who is Crazy but Seductive but Glamorous but Nuts but Manipulative.” After the release of Blank Space, the whole world was surprised with this electrifying hip-hop number, including the media.

Many enjoyed it. We can say that most thought that she finally acknowledged her chaotic relationship method. Whatever it be, all enjoyed this minimal hip-hop song. Taylor told NME, “Half the people got the joke; half the people think that I was owning the fact that I am a Psychopath.”

In 2015, New York Times wrote about the song “Swift at her Peak.”

Let us now talk about its epic music video.

Blank Space Music Video is “Pure Art,” says USA Today

Joseph Kahn directed the video that left eyes on the stalk. Both Swift and Kahn want to mock Taylor’s media portrayal of her breaking several relationships through this video. Moreover, the video took a hilarious take on media portraying her being the problem, not the boys. Blank Space’s video was partially inspired by the famed 1971 movie A Clockwork Orange. Taylor and Sean are dressed regally and in an elite manner.

The video depicts Taylor passionately entering a relationship with a boy, played by Sean O Pry. Then the relationship twists and turns into a toxic one. The lovey-dovey couple romances until Taylor comes to know that her boyfriend is just texting another girl. There you go. Taylor turns into a violent girl doing some crazy stuff. As the lyrics go, “Darling, I am a Nightmare, dressed as a Daydream.” The relationship falls apart. The video concludes with a new love interest coming into her life.

Well, we gather, the messy cycle is about to repeat.

Blank Space Music

In musical essence, Blank Space is an electro-pop track with some minimal yet powerful hip-hop beats. The music was channeled in a way to emphasize lyrics and vocals. Blank Space’s music resonates well with 1980s music yet stands out with a modern twist. The song is also complemented by percussion guitar strums, synthesizers, and some layered-backed vocals.

Blank Space’s lyrical aspect also takes into account her inspiration from relationships. This tells that she still cannot leave that love-life element.

Download Blank Space now, and you will find yourself hooked to it.

Taylor Swift - Blank Space
Blank Space is a song recorded by the American artist Taylor Swift from her album named 1989 (Swift was was born in 1989). Download it now.
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