Taylor Swift – Shake It Off

One song changed the perception of Taylor Swift forever. That song is “Shake it Off,” a lead single from Taylor’s 5th studio album, 1989. Before this song, Taylor was perceived mostly as a country singer and songwriter. However, this number transitioned her into the world of pop music. Shake it off was released on YouTube on August 19, 2014. With over 3 billion views, “Shake it off” stands as an absolute game-changer for Taylor Swift and was a commercial success.

How to Download Taylor Swift – Shake It Off

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The Song Review

The song went on to top the Billboard Hot 100 Chart. Moreover, the song was certified as a Diamond by the RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America). In addition, the song won the Top Streaming Song Video Award at the 2015 Billboard Music Awards.

Taylor’s diversified music styles made rounds on social media. After all, she was a complete “You belong to me” type country artist. Now, suddenly the tables turned. She showed her fans the other side of the same coin and stunned them with a pop song. “Shake it off” has a vital fun element in it. The song and music were highly acclaimed. However, the video failed to make a mark for many.

Shaking it off the Haters!

The concept of shaking it off is based on something like “being comfortable in one’s skin.” The motto is to shake off the haters. It is all about being yourself. Something Taylor tries to do a lot. Again, the main theme of the song was new to Swift’s fans. After all, they were useful to Taylor’s countryside love songs.

The change of genre left many confused about it. Still, her fans wholeheartedly welcomed the new version of Taylor’s music. This catchy pop song attained a howling success.

Let us now talk about its music video.

The Video

Although the video depicts a beautiful concept, it met with mixed reviews. It is a dance number choreographed by Tyco Diorio. In the video, an awkward Taylor is seen trying to fit in among the professionals. There were cheerleaders, break-dancers, ballerinas, and performers. She is trying every step to hit the jackpot. However, despite many unsuccessful attempts and haters, she keeps going.

Now, that is a very positive depiction of what we need to be like in life. Video also holds a very strong reference to the “Haters Gonna Hate” thing. It is right. All you need to do is “shake” the haters off and keep trying. Eventually, one day you will fit in this world. Mark Romanek directed the music video. The video took a very humorous approach.

The video largely received negative reviews, despite the positive theme. Many thought that the music video is “unoriginal.” The Sydney Morning Herald wrote, “ Taylor Swift laughs off the critics but cannot match the boy bands.” For many, the combination of humor and dance failed.

One of the best things about Shake it off is its ending. In the end, Swift is seen dancing with her fans. She picked up all of them herself through social media. Honestly, the video is great. You can see for yourself; you will like it.

A Mature Taylor! Lyrics & Music

In terms of music, it is a pop-dance uptempo number with a saxophone line. Taylor wrote the song herself along with Shellback and Martin. The lyrics were inspired by the media criticism Taylor faced in her budding years. Lyrics denote the consistent scrutiny she went through. However, she came out strong and content. Everyone saw a very mature side of Taylor. She kinda said goodbye to the old Taylor.  Swift changed the game for herself. Moreover, lyrics do hook the listeners.

Listen to the new Swift if you have not still. We bet you will be amazed.

Taylor Swift - Shake It Off
Shake It Off is a song by American singer Taylor Swift from her fifth studio album 1989. The song was released as a single in 2014, and it reached number one in the United States, Canada, Poland, and many other countries. Download it now.
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