The Chainsmokers – Don’t Let Me Down ft. Daya

Don’t Let me Down is a close collaboration between Daya and the Chainsmokers gang. It was written by Scott Harris, the Chainsmokers, and Emily Warren. The song came to fruition in Drew’s apartment after only briefly talking about the lyrics. There was no overthinking involved. The thoughts were beautifully translated onto pen and paper straight from the mind.

How to Download The Chainsmokers – Don’t Let Me Down ft. Daya

To download the song from Amazon Music, click on the Download button at the end of this review. Check out also other songs by The Chainsmokers – Closer (with Halsey) and the Something Just Like This (with Coldplay).

The Song Review

Don’t Let Me Down – the Lyrics

The song is a showcase piece of the very talented singer Daya, who you know by her song Hideaway. With the help of the song, Daya addresses a romantic interest. Not just any romantic interest, but an untrusting and unfaithful one. However, the artist needs the boy to stay with her. She needs him and constantly requests the romantic interest to not let her down.

When Daya says, “I think I’m losin’ my mind now,” she seems to be losing her train of thought as a sane person. This is her admittance to slowly going insane if the lover decides to leave her. However, the showcasing part is the synth in the first choruses. The tone sounds like a saxophone, unlike others. You are likely to think of it as extra-terrestrial communicating with you from a universe beyond. The music includes numerous tools such as kick drums and claps. Each time Daya sings, the beats are synchronized to further enhance her vocal capabilities.

However, the song does not follow the same pattern after the third chorus. The synth is replaced by a saxophone, making the tone organic rather than galactic. The Chainsmokers have admitted that the song is completely different from their previous music, appealing to a different audience.

Don’t let me down is repeated 26 times throughout the song. The artists continue to sing it toward the end of the song. The rhythm is addictive with synth, drums, and other musical instruments.

The song is inspired by expressing vulnerability. Most of us are too scared to let out our feelings. It is about knowing and admitting you want someone around you at all times. The song embodies comfortability with that special someone you are not afraid to be yourself with.

The Video

A Cadillac is parked on the lonely road on a hill. We see the Chainsmokers gang enter the car and put the keys in the ignition. The starting credits appear in the bottom right corner. The gang wishes to listen to music, so they decide to play Don’t let me down on their Samsung phone.

Immediately when the passenger clicks on the play, the frame shifts to Daya singing in a moor with smoke in the background. It appears there was a fire and something burnt recently—maybe her relationship? Daya is wearing a simple black top with a necklace. Her hair is loose in curls with a deep red lipstick.

The video continues to play while the Chainsmokers gang is driving on their journey. The back and forth between frames is a little annoying and hard to keep up with.

The Cadillac comes face to face with Daya and her backup dancers. Immediately, the moor setting turns to lush green grass to signal closure. The backup dancers activate the hydraulics in the Cadillac to block the Chainsmokers. The scene is a visual representation of the lyrics where Daya does not want her lover to go away.

The Bottom Line

Don’t let me down is an emotional song that appeals to your innermost thoughts. If you are stuck in a relationship with no apparent way out, the song may provide you with some therapeutic release. However, you must still charge and eliminate toxicity. It’s better to stay sane in the long term.

The Chainsmokers - Don't Let Me Down ft. Daya
Don't Let Me Down is a song by the duo Alexander "Alex" Pall (1985) and Andrew "Drew" Taggart (1989) with Grace Martine Tandon (1998). Download it now.
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