The Gummy Bear Song (I’m a Gummy Bear)

We all love Gummy Bears! People of culture know that it is a prime delicacy. Well, do you know that there is a song associated with the Gummy Bears? Yes, you heard it right. The Gummy Bear Song, also known as I’m a Gummy Bear was released on YouTube, back in the year 2007. If you are a millennial or from Gen Z, you probably have heard it on TV in old times. Now, you will probably hate it. The Song! Not the Gummy Bears, we all know they are chewy blessings that will transcend generations. Still, a massive chunk of people liked the song. The song was by Gummibär.

It was also used widely as a ringtone. To date, the song has garnered over 2.6 billion views on YT. It was recorded in the year 2006 and released on October 7, 2007.

How to Download The Gummy Bear Song

You can download the song from iTunes in several language versions. Click on the Download button at the end of this review.

The Song Review

The song is inspired by the internationally acclaimed jelly, the Gummy Bears. Gummy Bears are now 100 years old. Still, they command a massive fan base on a global level. They first originated in Bonn, Germany. A renowned German confectioner named Hans Siegel Sr. first created these bear-shaped jelly candies. Ever since Han’s company has been producing the Gummy Bears and supplying them across the globe.

I’m a Gummy Bear was primarily released in English and German. Later on, it was readily translated into 25 languages, due to its growing popularity. It was written by the famous German composer, Christian Schneider.

Who Is Gummibär?

In essence, this hit song is a dance number by Gummibär. Gummibär is a virtual band and international animated character from Germany. It was drawn from the Gummy Bears candy jelly. Gummibär is still based in Berlin.

Gummibär is a cool green bear with blue eyes. The character has a gelatinous and bulky body. It just feels like the original gummy bear jellies just came to life. This guy wears nothing but orange briefs and white sneakers. The whole look just feels right and cool for something embodying the gummy bear candies.

Gummibär’s popularity and songs transcended boundaries. He quickly attained international acclaim. Even that, his songs and character variations were released in several countries.

Its musical and song profile is quite impressive. Gummibär has over 7 albums in total. On top of that, Gummibär released over 65 singles and 50+ other songs. Gummibär’s songs have been translated into various languages to cater to a diverse audience. That speaks a lot for Gummibär’s global fame. The French version of the I ‘m a Gummy Bear song is known as Funny Bear. It stands among the 10 Most Viewed French Videos on YouTube. It rocked the French music charts.

All of Gummibär’s songs are amazing. However, I’m a Gummy Bear and La La Love to Dance are absolute bangers and entered the billion-view club on YT.

Moreover, the character is officially a part of Gummy Bears International. The company actively markets all of the songs and merchandise by the Gummibär.

I’m a Gummy Bear Music Video

Its video is good enough to please the kids, or at least make you laugh. The video was also created in 25 languages. In the video, the Gummibär is seen excitedly bouncing and doing the cool breakdance. This green and half-naked creature is seen having fun. All he is wearing is orange underwear and white sneakers.

In the video, you will see that Gummibär’s one ear is bitten. His mustache and muzzle are coated in sugar. Plus, he only has two teeth. Today, this video is one of the Top 50 Most Viewed videos on YouTube.

The Gummy Bear Song
The Gummy Bear Song (I'm a Gummy Bear) is a great catchy tune with an animated green bear singing in the video. Download it now and have fun.
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