The Kid LAROI, Justin Bieber – Stay

Stay is a collaboration between the Australian rapper LAROI and the Canadian pop-artist Justin Bieber. The song was released in 2021 in LAROI’s $%!K Love 3: Over You album. Stay belongs to the pop-rap, pop-rock, and pop-punk music genres. It is written by Charlton Howard, Justin Bieber, Charlie Puth, and Subhaan Rahman. Produced by Cashmere Cat, Puth, and Fedi, the song takes you on an emotional journey.

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The Song Review

The Kid LAROI, Justin Bieber – Stay – the Lyrics

The first time you listen to Stay, you will probably let loose a few movies. However, it will make you question the uncertainties in a relationship upon another listen. Stay exposes LAROI and Justin Bieber in terms of their emotional vulnerabilities. They admit they are flawed human beings who, unfortunately, do not know how to love.

Given the fame and resources, it is quite a predicament being void of primary human emotion. It makes you wonder about their lives behind the camera when they contemplate their actions.

The song Stay means the action to stay. It is admitting you wronged your lover and asking them to give you a second chance. Applying the logic to the song, the artist sincerely apologizes for mistreating their partner. Be it infidelity or manipulation, the artist hopes for forgiveness. Unfortunately, LAROI has apologized numerous times and then reverts to old habits.

LAROI continues to explain his relationship in the chorus. He is well aware of what he did and how he can change himself for the better. LAROI’s partner deserves a better version of himself. However, he was unsuccessful in improving or letting go of his flaws.

At this point, the partner is tired of hearing him apologizing and begging for another chance. It is evident the relationship ended, which broke the artist emotionally. He drinks when he wakes up and before going to bed. We are told he frequently drinks to avoid feeling pain. In the first verse, LAROI keeps begging until she returns to him.

Justin Bieber takes over the second verse, saying he has gotten used to the absent girl. The featured artist has admitted his wife is responsible for the musical artistryYou’re the reason I believe in love / It’s been difficult for me to trust.”Justin recently married Hailey Bieber, and he knows the importance of a supportive partner.

The Stay Video

We are stuck in a time-space continuum. LAROI hovers in his bed in a séance position with shards of mirrors hovering motionless in the air. It is implied he angrily threw a chair at the bedroom mirror. The camera lens captures a crumbled-up picture of LAROI and his ex.

It is evident LAROI is losing himself. Halfway into the video, he walks opposite the moving traffic while singing and looking at the camera. He cannot bear the pain and suffering anymore; therefore, he takes matters into his own hands.

As for the previous lover, she continues to shed tears, looking at a text from LAROI. She is also losing sense as she rejects eating due to emotional pain. LAROIskipping through the main street transitions into Justin Bieber rapping at the high-rise rooftop. Bieber is wearing a white shirt with a jacket and jeans. The outfit is quite similar to LAROI, who wears an ivory color tee with frayed jeans throughout the video.

The location changes into a post-office setting where both artists sing together. You cannot deny the presence of harmony between Bieber and LAROI. They understand each other pain and want to help each other through it. The video concludes with LAROI reaching her ex’s place to reconcile.

Let Go of Previous Grievances

Stay is a thought-provoking song that forces you to ponder over human value. Instead of waiting for birthdays, anniversaries, or Valentine’s Day, tell your loved ones how you feel about them today. Sometimes, the present is all we have.

The Kid LAROI, Justin Bieber - Stay
Stay is a song by Charlton Kenneth Jeffrey Howard (2003) and Justin Drew Bieber (1994). Download it now and have a good time.
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