The Weeknd – Save Your Tears

Save your Tears is a melody from the Canadian singer, the Weeknd. It was released in 2020 after being recorded in California and New York City. It is from the synth-pop and synth-wave music genres. The song was released under the XO and Republic labels, produced by Max Martin, Oscar Holter, and The Weeknd.

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The Song Review

The Weeknd – Save Your Tears – the Lyrics

Save Your Tears is a song about a lover’s reuniting. The Weeknd wishes to get together with his previous lover as he cannot bear the sight of her crying. Thus, the artist is asking her to “save your tears.” The Weeknd is aware he terminated the relationship, which broke her heart.

The Weeknd owns up to his actions and apologizes for pushing her away. He is sincerely sorry for breaking the promises he had made to her. One of which was like staying by her side.

One day randomly, the lover and the artist bumped into each other. The Weeknd portrays an encounter where the ex-lover saw the artist but chose to ignore him. Seeing him made her so upset she started crying and upsettingly ignored him.

The Weeknd was taken back the behavior. It made him realize his mistakes and how uncomfortable and lost the lover would have felt after ending the relationship. However, due to her actions, he realized he was wrong. It’s the Weeknd’s fault for not being able to commit long term and for being dishonest with her.

However, with the accumulation of the recent events, The Weeknd wants her back. He fears his actions are “much too late.” Or worse, she had found someone better, someone, who deserves her and cherishes her—something the Weeknd couldn’t do. If that is the case, the Weeknd knows the chances of her returning to him are less than nothing.

One would argue the song is a feel-good song. Since the lover does not see reconciling in the future, he wrote the music to admit the shortcomings to himself. He regrets letting her go, so he decided to transfer his feelings into lyrics.

It is rumored that Save Your Tears was written for his famous exes, mainly Selena Gomez and the Hadid sister. The lyrics are a beautiful representation of relationship vulnerability and how fragile the human heart is. Once the mistakes are made, they cannot be undone as we suffer the loss of our loved ones.

The Weeknd – Save Your Tears – the Video Interpretation

The video begins with the Weeknd singing into a bedazzled mic. His lip is injected with fillers with a Botox-ridden face. The Weeknd’s jawline is accentuated. His red suit sparkles in the stage lighting, with the audience members wearing Marti Gras marks. Everyone’s face is covered as the Weeknd comes off the stage and steps closer to the audience members.

The Weeknd delivers a sublime performance parading between the audience tables. At one time, he stands up at the table and sprays champagne onto the audience, who do not even flinch. The camera zooms in on a maskless lady with curly hair and a tight velvet dress halfway through the video. He brings her to the pedestal and dances with her until the situation escalates. Watch the video to find out what happens next!

Don’t Let Go!

Sometimes, unknowingly, we begin to take things for granted, be it a partner or material belonging. Save Your Tears provokes us to be more appreciative and celebrate the unique relationships we share with friends and family. Let’s make a pact today to tell the people in our lives how much we love them

The Weeknd - Save Your Tears
Save Your Tears is a 2020 song by Abel Makkonen Tesfaye (1990) who is known as The Weeknd. Download it now and enjoy the catchy music.
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The Weeknd - Save Your Tears Review Summary

  • The video represents the emotional vulnerability against masks quite artistically.
  • The attention to detail with the setting, the makeup, and the clothes is immaculate.
  • The song video represents the lyrics, conveying people wear masks to conceal their honest emotions.
  • Trigger warning! The video features two scenes with guns.
  • Trigger warning! The Weeknd insists the young lady shoot him in the forehead, so he stops missing his ex.
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