Toda (Remix) – Alex Rose ft. Cazzu, Lenny Tavarez, Lyanno & Rauw Alejandro

Toda is a Latin song performed by Alex Rose featuring vocals from Cazzu, Lenny Tavarez, Lyanno, and Rauw Alejandro. The song is a remix version that was officially released on 31st May 2018 by GLAD Empire. It is written by the same individuals who have performed the song and is produced by JX The Engineer, and D-Note.

How to download Toda by Alex Rose

You can download the song from iTunes. To start downloading, hit the button below the review.

The Song Review

Similar to the original version, the remix also became quite a hit soon after its release. Fans have praised how the trap song has been sung in a romantic, yet, lustful manner, all while keeping the background music subtle. It is available to play through digital download.

Toda: the Lyrics

The song, almost in its entirety, is sung in Spanish. It features explicit and intimate lyrics that mainly talk about getting comfortable and having sexual intercourse with another partner.

Toda begins with Alex Rose initially asking his lover to come over and spend the night with him, despite already having a boyfriend. He opens up to his lover, asking her as to what intimate positions she would like to consider herself in with him.

This is followed up by the chorus performed by Lenny who explicitly explains how he desires to become more intimate with her and love her wholeheartedly unlike his boyfriend. Additionally, he claims how he can satisfy her in bed quite more in comparison to the others.

Alex Rose then continues as he claims to be more dominant in bed. He boldly asks his partner to become his submissive and follow his every move during their time in bed. On a side-note, he insults her boyfriend once again by calling him a fake bastard.

Lyanno makes his lyrical appearance as well as he comes forward and portrays his desires of sexual domination in the sense, that he wants to have her handcuffed and strapped before having a glorious time with her. Typically, he brags about his inner strength in comparison to the boyfriend.

In the latter part, Rauw and Cazzu get to add in their solo vocals where Rauw terms Cazzu as the mommy who he wants to love without boundaries. Cazzu, on the other end, willingly accepts the offer and calls him Daddy in reply.

She then goes on and further talks about getting wild with him, to such an extent that she claims how he always thinks of her whenever he talks to his girlfriend. Cazzu and Alex then come together and sing about doing everything they ever desired together in terms of sex.

In the end, all four vocalists sing together and credit their producers.

The Video

The official music video of the film, which has over 400 million views, begins with the four male vocalists coming together and singing on the streets. The sequence then shifts towards Cazzu who plays the female lover they are crazy about.

Cazzu can be seen sitting in the car and in the bed, getting comfortable and ready as if an encounter is going to occur.

In the latter part, Rauw can be seen in that bed with Cazzu as the two begin to get intimate with each other slowly. In the end, the two can be seen riding in a car together as lovers before the video comes to a close.

The Bottom Line

Overall, Toda remix received mixed reviews from its listeners. While fans praised its smooth and subtle tune, it was also criticized for being too bold and sexually provoking, especially for its young listeners.

Toda (Remix) – Alex Rose ft. Cazzu, Lenny Tavarez, Lyanno & Rauw Alejandro
Toda is a song in Spanish sung by Alex Rose with Cazzu (1993), Lenny Tavarez (1987), Lyanno and Rauw Alejandro. Download it now.
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