Twenty One Pilots – Ride

Ride is one of the famous songs that got a huge sum of recognition in just less time. This song was recorded and written by the well-known American musical duo named Twenty One Pilots. It was part of their 4th studio album, entitled, Blurryface.

In 2015, this song was released as a promotional single on YouTube, and the same day, the music video was released. The song became so much popular that it peaked at the 5th spot in the list of US Billboard Hot 100.

How to Download Twenty One Pilots – Ride

You can download the song from a digital store such as Amazon Music or Apple Music – click on the Download button that is located below this review. If you like the band, check out also their other songs, for example, Heathens and Stressed Out.

The Song Review

Twenty-One Pilots – Ride – the Meaning of the Lyrics

If you look at the lyric verses of the song, you will see that the singer has been trying to project some questions about life and its existence. He has been pondering over the path of life in the first context of the song. Thus, he is thinking about the time when he will die and will either bring happiness or sadness to the face of people.

The song’s second verse kicks off with the idea that for whom I will give away my life. Thus, the lyrics are quite philosophical, which most people would not understand, at least when listening to the song for the first time.

Twenty-One Pilots – Ride Video Interpretation

If we talk about the video, it starts with the location in the middle of the forest, and throughout the whole video, you will merely see one location coming your way.

Not too much effort has been put into video making, and the whole attention has been delivering the right meaning of the song. But still, the projection of the video is clearly explaining what the meaning of the song is all about.

Have You Listened to Twenty One Pilots – Ride?

If you have still not listened to the beauty of this song, then you are missing out on a masterpiece to bless your ears. Here we have a song link for you. Check this out and make it part of your playlist right now!

About Twenty One Pilots

Twenty-One Pilots is known to be one of the leading American musical duos that belonged to Columbus, Ohio. In 2009, the band was formed based on three members, namely, Nick Thomas, Tyler Joseph, and Chris Salih. Chris left the band in 2022.

This brand has been gaining a lot of attention from the audience for its singles based on different musical themes. Ride, Stressed-Out, and Heathens were some of their most popular singles. This group was also honoured with the Grammy Award for the Best Pop Duo/Group Performance award.

In 2009, the band came up with the release of another great album entitled Twenty One Pilots, and in 2011, they released Regional at Best. Twenty-One Pilots was their only album that received golden platinum acclaim worldwide.

Twenty One Pilots - Ride
Ride is a song by Twenty One Pilots who are an American music duo. Ride comes from their fourth studio album and was released in 2015. Download it now.
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Twenty One Pilots - Ride Review Summary

  • The music of the song is very much soothing and relaxing
  • Video has been projected beautifully to make you get closer to life even more
  • The lyrics of the song are a bit complicated to understand
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