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As Isaac Asimov famously once said that, “it is a transition that is troublesome.” This is certainly the case when we transition into adulthood from adolescence. Although it is a crazy ride ahead, still transition is still hard. This number is all about confusion, insecurity, big expectations, and anxiety of that phase.

Stressed Out is a song about this situation. It is sung and written by the American power duo 21 Pilots. The song was released on April 28, 2015, with a music video. To date, it has garnered over 2.4 billion views on YouTube. Instantly, after its release, it was picked up by the masses, especially by young adults.

How to Download Twenty One Pilots – Stressed Out

You can download the song alongside the whole Blurryface album from iTunes. Click on the Download button at the end of the review.

The Song Review

The Good Old Days!

This song tells us about a hard goodbye to adolescent years. Let us be real. This particular phase is intensive and pivotal. The world does not view you as a kid or teen anymore. They expect more from you, and you get more responsibilities to fulfill. This makes us remember our joyful childhood memories.

At this point, the nostalgia of a carefree childhood hits hard. The lyrics refer to this beautiful time as the “Good old Days.”

Stressed Out – A Sleeper Hit!

Commercially, Stressed Out received a howling success. Initially, it went slow, and after some time, it rocked. This made it a pure sleeper hit. It made history on Spotify. Because it became the first rock act and the first single to be streamed one billion times on the platform. This was just a step towards massive success.

Stressed Out took the No. 2 spot on the US Billboard Hot 100 Songs chart. For a recording-breaking 23 weeks, the song was at the top of the US Billboard Hot Rock Songs. This was 21 Pilots’ first entry to this chart. With the 10 million copies sold mark, Stressed Out was certified as Diamond by the RIAA (Recording Industry Association for America).

Today, after almost seven years, Stressed Out is still on the Billboard Global 200 chart, at 182 ranks.

Critically Hit as Well!

Stressed Out received supporting reviews from the best critics and platforms in the industry.

Critics at Consequence thought that the song “Resonates with the listeners, as the two sing about the good ‘ol days, before the stress of reality set in.” That is right. The song is truly something young adults can aptly resonate with.

The New York Times referred to the song as an “Anxiety Anthem.” Well, what an apt expression!

The Music Video

21 Pilots planned the video for Stressed Out when they were homesick from music touring. In a word, the video is about not wanting to grow up and remaining a kid at home.

The video is set in a very dreary neighborhood in the suburbs. The video begins on a cloudy day. Joseph is seen riding a big tricycle. He arrives at a house where Dun is waiting in a room. There they perform the song. Throughout the video, they are sad and dressed weirdly.

Critics at MTV wrote about the video, “Growing up, and being an adult, and whatnot. I think we can all relate to that.”

Cassie Whitt of Alternative Press wrote, “Sentiment at any recent entrant into adulthood can relate.”

Stressed Out – Music & Lyrics

In the musical aspect, this song is a perfect mid-tempo. There are also elements of rap-rock and alternative hip-hop. Moreover, there are hints of psychedelic pop.

In the lyrical sense, Stressed Out is solely about the complications of late adolescence age. There is also an urge to relive a peaceful childhood. The music also expresses anxiety, making it an anxiety anthem.

Twenty One Pilots - Stressed Out
Stressed Out is a song by the American group Twenty One Pilots - the vocalist Tyler Josep and the drummer Josh Dun. Download it now.
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