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A while back I had to do a lot of work for a toy company from Australia that required me to use the ctrl + Prt Scr combination on my laptop a ton. Let me tell you, if I had Greenshot then, my life would have been about a million times easier! This as you have probably guessed is a program all about capturing screenshots and it is one of the best programs of this nature I have used.

How to Download Greenshot

To download the program, click on the download button at the end of the review. Check out also out reviews of other screenshot-taking tools such as Lightshot and Gyazo.

The Program Review

What I liked about this was just how quick and easy it was. Do you want to screenshot the whole screen? No problem, you can do that! Do you want to screenshot a specific area on the screen? Well, you can do that too! It can even screenshot a webpage that auto scrolls which I assume it does through some kind of witchcraft!

In all seriousness, it is very impressive how easy this is. You can highlight and screenshot stuff anyway you want, but there are a bunch of shortcuts that you can learn. Once you get the hang of these shortcuts, they take what is already a quick program and make it even faster! You can quickly screenshot a certain area or the whole screen with just a couple of button presses.

One really cool part that would have been a great help to me when I was working with that toy company is the way you can highlight things. When you take your screenshot, you can quickly and easily highlight a section of it or even make a part of it all weird so it is hard to see what it is. Features like this may be a tad more advanced in theory, but they are made very easy to use here.

Once you have your screenshot there are many different things that the program allows you to do with it. You can send it directly to a printer, to your email, copy it to the clipboard, and many more. It is pretty cool the way it makes doing something with the screenshot so easy.

I must admit that I have been using Greenshot in what is probably the most basic of ways, but they do have a few ways that you can configure it so that it works exactly the way you need it to. I think this is very cool as it means it is a program that is suitable for everyone no matter their needs or skill level at using a computer.

This is free to download and use and it takes up next to no space on your computer. I have been using it for a little while now and never had any kind of technical problem with it. While it is free, they do have a page where you can support them by sending them as little as 1 dollar.

Greenshot is a free tool that lets you take screenshots on your Windows machine. Download it now and be surprised by its many features.
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Greenshot Review Summary

  • This is completely free to use with no catch at all!
  • It makes screenshotting so much easier and faster
  • I liked how you could play around with the screenshot in different ways like highlighting parts of it
  • This really could not be any easier to get the hang of
  • While they more than deserve your support, I do feel they kind of guilt you into it
  • Some of the more advanced features could be explained a little better
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