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Are you in need of a free photo editing software? PhotoScape is a free photo editing software that is easy to download. There is no signup required.

With this software, you can organize all of your photos in folders. The folders can be easily accessed from the program. There are plenty of programs that will charge you a lot of extra money to edit your photos. That is not the case with this program. When you download the software, you have access to a bunch of different editing tools such as resizing, brightness and color adjustment, white balance, backlight correction, filters, and text. You can grab multiple imagines and combine them together for easier editing.

How to Download PhotoScape

To download the latest version of PhotoScape, click on the Download button at the end of this review.

With this software, there is no need to leave the program to create a GIF. With Photoscape you can use a series of photos to make one animated image. There are options to create more great images for a passport, license, or profile picture.

The Advanced Features

Have you ever wanted to cut a picture up into tiny pieces? Well, with Photoscape it is a piece of cake. It also enhances certain parts of an image that could not be picked up by a personal camera. While browsing the internet, you can easily save an image for later by using their screen capture tools.

Users can convert RAW to JPG. There is no need to download other file conversion software that either charge a lot of money or good be potentially dangerous. Rest assured, Photoscape is safe and trusted by hundreds of thousands of people. Just check their Facebook likes.

Another handy feature that the software offers is similar face search. This software will be able to locate similar faces on the Internet when compared to a stored image on the computer.

It will continue to remain free of charge and will continually be updated to provide more relevant image editing tools. If you like the services they provide, you can donate to help the company grow faster.

PhotoScape System Requirements

Once downloaded onto your hard drive, the navigation is very simple. On the left, there will be all your folders with stored images. At the top of the application, there are tabs for all the different tools. The preview of the image is in the center.

If you use Windows 10 or MAC computer, PhotoScape X will work best for you. Anyone that is currently using an older version of Windows such as Windows 98 or Me will want to use version 3.4. Those links can be seen on their website.

PhotoScape is a photo editing tool that allows you to resize, correct and crop photos. You will be able also to draw and use a number pf photo enhanicing filters. Batch editor, animiated GIFs, printing and face search where you look for faces similar to the one on a picture are definitely options that make PhotoScape worth a try.
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