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rEASYze 2.9.1

rEASYze is a user-friendly image resizer program that helps to resize multiple images at the same time. Yes, you heard us right! You can easily resize images by using the batch mode. That means you don’t have to resize images one by one. You can quickly upload the images and can change their size in one go.

In addition, you can easily set size parameters and can also adjust the width and height. Moreover, if you want to add a watermark, you can do it easily from the dashboard. So, if you feel that you want to protect your images, this software can help you with that.

Apart from resizing and watermarking features, you can also use this tool to edit your images. You can rotate images, maintain the proportions, and much more. Hence, if you want a simple and easy-to-use program, this one is the right choice for you.

How to Download rEASYze

To download rEASYze, click on the Download button below the review. Check out also another program by Dan Stromi, that we have reviewed – the screen capturing utility Sniptool.

The Program Review

If you own a company, then you must be aware of how it’s essential to have good quality images. Besides, your images help you to earn customer trust and increase your revenue. But the most important thing is to provide images that are full of quality.

So, if you don’t have graphic design experience, don’t worry because there are many apps that you can use, which helps you to resize images in no time. rEASYze is one of the ideal programs that you can use to resize images quickly. It is also known as a batch image resizer, which helps to convert multiple pictures simultaneously.

Moreover, if you have an eCommerce website and want high-quality images for that, we recommend using this software. It’s user-friendly and allows you to adjust images in no time.

Furthermore, the conversion rate of this program is high, which means you don’t have to face any issues at all. You will convert the images in one go without disturbing the quality.

Features of rEASYze

Here are some essential features of this tool that will help you to understand it. Not only does this software allow you to resize images, but it also makes sure that you can edit, add watermark, and much more.

  1. Resizing Images

You can easily resize the images and can adjust the settings according to your desire. Along with that, you can use the batch mode to upload multiple images.

  1. Watermarks

You can easily add watermarks and protect your copyright. Adding watermarks will help you in providing full rights to images.

  1. Color Settings

You can easily adjust the color settings. If you feel that images need some adjustments, you can do it easily by using this application.

  1. Support for Different Formats

You can store images in different formats, including JPG, PNG, BMP, and much more.

  1. Filters

Luckily, this app allows you to add filters to your images, which means you can change the look of the image by performing some operations. You can also crop the images and remove things that you don’t like.

Final Verdict

Whether you want to adjust images for personal use or for a company, quality really matters. That is why it’s essential for you to adjust the images according to your requirements. For this purpose, you can use rEASYze because it’s straightforward, and anyone can use it.

rEASYze is an image resizing program that makes it very easy and convenient to resize multiple pictures. Download it now.
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