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Viewing and managing photos has become easier over the years. While Windows does have a few features in this regard, it falls short when you have lots of images to process and manage at your own leisure. You need a very good and dependable tool to achieve such a goal, and XnView MP is definitely the right tool for you here.

How to Download XnView MP

You can download the Windows, macOS or Linux versions of the program by clicking the Download button located below this review.

The Program Review

With XnView MP you will be able to view any image format you want, it supports anything from JPEG to TIFF, PNG as well as GIF, PSD, RAW, DNG, and many others.

Simply put, if you have an image, the program will be able to show it to you and you can easily manage a set of images too. The dedicated image manager in XnView MP is pristine, it works super nice and the app does a very good job of helping you keep track of your image collection.

You can split images based on date, you can create folders and so on. When it comes to viewing, you can create a slideshow, design a film strip basically, create a beautiful system and just push it to new heights. There’s also a thumbnail view that you can use when you want to check images or manage them. That also comes in handy as it makes the process simpler and more dependable while also keeping the experience as comprehensive as possible no matter the situation.

XnView MP has a dedicated photo editor in it too. You can rotate and crop or resize images for example. They also have auto levels and auto contrast. In addition, you can apply filters and effects, not to mention you can adjust the brightness levels too. If you are into adding effects or filters, with XnView you can do that too.

That really helps immensely if you are passionate about image modifications, and it will certainly do its job in a situation like this. You will like just how reliable and powerful the unit is, and the fact that you have so many customization options certainly comes in handy all the time.

Batch conversion is available too, in case you have to convert a multitude of images at the same time, you can do that with XnView. They use the same conversion system in XnConvert, a separate tool from XnSoft and that really delivers a great value for money and powerful experience every time you use it.

For what it is, XnView MP certainly ticks a lot of boxes if you are passionate about high-quality features and if you own a large image collection. The app can be used by photographers or anyone that has a lot of images. It works great, it’s dependable and it certainly brings in front all the features and solutions you want without a problem.

XnView is certainly a powerful tool if you really want to see your images and organize them without a problem. The fact that there’s a dedicated photo editor embedded into the app is amazing, and it helps push the boundaries and provide you with a great experience thanks to that too.

XnView MP
XnView MP is a powerful picture viewer with a handy set of image editing capabilities. Download it now for free.
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