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Audio Record Wizard 7.21

Audio Record Wizard is a good choice for Windows users. This application captures sound from the computer or the user’s voice. Once the voice is recorded, it provides the features that you can use to listen to the audio afterward. It has a modern interface and doesn’t contain any complicated steps. Just download this application and use it on your PC for good results.

Other than that, it allows users to record audio by using HDMI, headphones, line-in, and microphones. In addition, if you are a newbie and haven’t used any tool before, don’t worry because this program provides a complete tutorial that will help you to learn things fast.

In order to use this application, first, you have to select an audio source, once you are done, now you can click the button to record the sessions.

There are many notable elements that you can find in this application, but the Scheduler feature is the ideal one and will make your work easier. Let’s have a look at other details of this application. 

How to Download Audio Record Wizard

To download the program, click on the Download button that you will find located below this review.

The Program Review

Recording different audio can be fun if you have the right program. Even there are many expensive tools available that will promise you good features, but you have to shift to other applications after some time.

Are you tired of changing tools again and again? Do you need a reliable solution for your recordings? We have great news for you! Audio Record Wizard is an efficient program that is created by NowSmart. They have more than 50,000 satisfied users who have used this application and are happy with it.

It has almost everything that will make your recording process easier. No matter how many audio files you need to record, it will always provide you good results. However, keep in mind that it has two versions. The first one is free and doesn’t charge anything. But the second one is the pro version, and for that, you have to pay some amount. In the pro version, you can keep recording without worrying about the limitations.

Moreover, you can switch to various formats such as OGG, WAV, and more. In addition, it allows you to change the audio settings without causing any issues. The audio settings that you can change include sample rate, mode, bit rate, and more.

The Key Features of Audio Record Wizard

The important key features of this application are mentioned below.

  1. Recording Audio

It allows you to record audio from any site. Whether it’s a website or a YouTube channel, you can easily perform the recordings according to your desire.

  1. Getting Audio of Online Conversations

This program can easily record audio of online conversations, whether it is of Skype or Google Talk.

  1. Support for Different Formats

You can save the audio into different formats, including MP3, OGG, WAV, and more.

  1. Scheduler

You can save time on the application when you want to start the recordings. Even if you are not using a PC, it will start recording automatically.

  1. MP3 Tag Editor

You can easily edit tags of different audio files. However, make sure that you know how to edit tags; otherwise, it will be difficult for you to use it.

Final Verdict

Apart from all the features mentioned above, there are many other things that you can do, such as noise suppression, merge audio, and more.

Audio Record Wizard
Audio Record Wizard is a handy tool that lets you record audio that is coming from your PC. Download it now.
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