Audio Editors

Audio editors are computer programs that are used to edit audio files, as well as to mix or process them. They are designed to facilitate simple or quite extensive editing of audio files, which are stored in many different formats, and applications that allow you to make changes to your soundtracks.

They also offer other advanced features. With these programs, as a user, you can remove unnecessary fragments from an audio track. You can also combine several files into one, or divide the songs into smaller fragments. The features of audio editors include normalizing the volume level and applying sound effects.

These programs allow you to record sound from any source. Some of the audio editors allow you not only to process the finished material, but also to compose music completely from scratch.

The most popular audio editors include the open source tool Audacity. It has an extensive set of sounds effects and tools, such as compressors, echo, reverb, graphic equalizer, mute, low and high pass filters, vocal removal and others. Audacity is also equipped with a generator, thanks to which you can completely change the melody.

Another program, Adobe Soundbooth, is used to combine sound with video in the movie and animations. It is an irreplaceable tool for effect designers and video editors.

GoldWave is software similar to Audacity, though non-free, but it has a trial version. Allows advanced digital audio processing. Thanks to it, it is possible to edit, play, mix, and analyze audio files. GoldWave also has many other useful components, and thanks to the CD audio extraction capability it is possible to rip audio tracks from the disc to popular sound formats.

Cubase, on the other hand, is a software that is an advanced digital workstation for creating songs in the MIDI format. It allows you to record, produce and mix sounds, and also has many features that were previously known and available only in large recording studios. Other known programs for creating music are Virtual DJFL Studio or Traktor Pro.

Audacity 2.2.2

Audacity 2.2.2

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VirtualDJ 8.2 b4291

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