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Medieval CUE Splitter 1.2

Whether you’re a fan of live concerts or work with a lot of long-form audio such as speeches or presentations, Medieval CUE Splitter can help you organize your massive file into definable snippets for an indie album or a chaptered presentation and it does all of this without modifying or altering the original file in any way.

How to Download Medieval CUE Splitter

You can download the program by clicking the button below the review. You should know that there is also a special version of the tool for Windows 10 which is available on the medieval.it website.

The Program Review

The software is a freeware tool and is frequently updated for compatibility and to fix bugs in older versions. As the best in class shareware tool for splitting up large audio files, the software has a very large user base. Because of this, it is available in 34 languages which means that most users will find a version in their native language. When it comes to customization options for your audio file, you can designate everything from the artist name to the title to track numbers.

You can even sub-divide each one of these so that each track has a different artist and title. Further, you can break those down into smaller snippets as well depending on what your needs as an end user are. For example, if you are making an audiobook you can divide the chapters in multiple ways. Outside of information that is pertinent to the listening experience, you can also designate the year, genre, and other miscellaneous information about the file.

On a more advanced level, Medieval CUE Splitter allows you to add a customized mask or modify one. The final output file contains all of the information the user designates in the software tool and should be accessible by any software capable of reading and interpreting audio files which includes iTunes and other programs.

Users shouldn’t worry about compatibility issues as the standard used by Medieval CUE Splitter is universal and widely applied. In terms of the user interface, the freeware tool’s UI resembles something from the 2000s and is somewhat opaque in functionality and the location of software tools. This means it is not the most user-friendly software upon first glance, although the website maintains a robust set of documentation and guides for it.

Here you will find instructions on how to do most everything possible in the software and all of the instructions are accompanied by helpful screenshots that show you what you should be seeing. This is probably the single biggest issue for most new users to overcome in the beginning and that is the learning curve for the software. While its functions are quite basic, figuring it all out is anything but that. Nonetheless, it is a stable release and can handle even the most massive audio files.

People who want a bespoke option for customizing long-form audio files really should consider giving Medieval CUE Splitter a chance. Not only does it arrive at the perfect price of absolutely free but also it is one of the best at what it does out there. If you need an all-in-one solution for splitting up audio files and attaching biographical information to each track, then you really can’t do much better than this shareware tool from Medieval Software.

Medieval CUE Splitter
Medieval CUE Splitter is a software which lets you split big audio files from an audio CD into smaller ones taking into account so-called cue sheet information data. Download it now.
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