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Action! 4.29.2

When it comes to filming gameplay footage, there are two main considerations that gamers think about: Quality of output and ease of use of the software. In these two areas, Action! Gameplay and Screen Recorder is one of the best options available on the market right now and should be at the top of any gamer’s list for video capture.

How to Download Action!

You can download the program by clicking the Download button located below this review. And in case you wondered, the game featured in the screenshot gallery is MTG Arena.

The Program Review

Whether you’re uploading videos to YouTube or capturing gameplay for later post-production in video editing software, this app makes your job as easy as can be and takes a lot of the hassle out of capturing gameplay footage.

Best of all, it is adaptable, customizable, and robustly supported by its developers.

In this article, we’re going to tell you what we love about Action and why we think it’ll be a real productivity advantage for the gamer trying to get his footage on the Internet in one form or the other as quickly and painlessly as possible.

Beginning with the user interface, it is clean and intuitive with most major functions and opens within easy access.

The only thing we don’t like about the interface is that its deceptively simple appearance might make you think that the app is lacking in options.

This is not the case but we applaud the burial of this kind of thing in an interface even though detractors of skeuomorphism dislike it for the very reason that the options are buried.

A traditional menu structure might be overwhelming but also way more useful in this kind of software.

The interface is often praised as being “friendly” and this is true. You won’t struggle while getting the basics done but you might have to dig for advanced options.

In terms of features, it has a green screen mode which is ideal for capturing raw video for a later background insert.

You can also capture video through webcam and USB devices that you link with through your computer. In terms of screen recording, you can choose to record the full screen or just a certain application currently running.

Thinking about live streaming instead of recording? Don’t worry – this software has you covered there, too.

With a ton of options available for live streaming, Action is somewhat of a Swiss-army-knife of screen capture and recording apps but it’s also one of the best.

For one, you get a top-quality recording.

You can record 4K video and then upload it to your YouTube or Facebook account right from the software. If you do want a hard file, there is a range of file format options that the software can output in most major file extensions. Who is this software for in the end?

While it does everything, it’s not the best at everything. Advanced video editors will want more options and hardcore streamers and YouTubers will need more options as well.

What we’re saying is that this is a great starting point or an ideal piece of software for light tasks.

If you’re trying to put a full production on the road, this software’s deficiencies start to show and it would really need some other, more professional-grade, software to help it do everything a streamer needs.

Action! is a great tool which will help game enthusiast record video of their amazing gameplay. Download it now and become a streamer.
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