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PDF Anti-Copy V2.6

If you work with a lot of documents that need security and encryption enabled, then you need to give PDF Anti-Copy a try as it is not only one of the most robust pieces of document protection software out there but it is also one of the most capable.

How to Download PDF Anti-Copy

You can download PDF Anti-Copy for free. However, you can also get the upgrade to the Pro version which will allow you to have no watermark on the documents. You will also be able to use the program for commercial purposes.

The Program Review 

How does PDF Anti-Copy work? 

Normally, encryption means placing a password restriction on a document but PDF Anti-Copy takes it an extra step further. 

Rather than just put a password on your document, PDF Anti-Copy “reprocesses” the entire PDF, preserving all of your graphics, texts, and formatting, and encrypts the entire document as well as attaching a password to it.

That’s next level encryption, and it is the standard you need to employ if you work frequently with sensitive documents.

On top of that, you can specify which pages you want to protect and which you want viewable so you don’t have to encrypt or password protect the entire document.

The application also offers really thorough anti-hacking protection built into its code.

Even if you don’t want to encrypt your document, you can still use PDF Anti-Copy to make the document uneditable and difficult to copy to another format other than PDF like Microsoft Word or a Google Doc.

This way you can put your document out there for your audience without having to worry about it being copied and pasted somewhere else.

Whatever your goals with encryption or your document’s security, it is the suite of options that the software offers that makes is a must-have for people who work with a lot of PDF docs.

You can even make it so that the PDF cannot be printed if you so choose.

Currently, the program is available in multiple languages including English, German, French, Japanese, Korean, Italian, Dutch, Greek, Chinese, Arabic, Polish, Spanish, Portuguese, Czech, Vietnamese, and Turkish.

The program was developed with creators in mind and is specially tailored for individual users that want to protect their intellectual property whether it is a text document or even a design document.

Built for Windows systems, PDF Anti-Copy is really easy to use and shouldn’t take long to get the hang of if you are an experienced computer user.

The interface is clean and simple with the menu options arrayed in typical Windows fashion. If you need help, there is a help box but otherwise, most of the functionality is pretty easy to understand.

But let’s say you don’t get something or you need some help using PDF Anti-Copy. The devs have set up a robust tutorial feature on their website as well as a way to contact them to let them know about what you need help doing in the program.

That’s a level of dedication rarely seen in software from small developers, but it definitely should give new users confidence about the software.

Outside of PDF Anti-Copy, there are some other PDF-centered pieces of software available from the same developers if you decide you like this program and what it does for your workflow.

PDF Anti-Copy
PDF Anti-Copy is a program that will let you keep your PDF files from being printed and the text from being copied. Download it now.
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