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PDF OCR v4.6

If you work and do a lot of scanning of documents that then become a PDF file this PDF OCR software is perfect for you. OCR stands for Optical Recognition Technology and the idea is that it can take the text and images from a PDF and allow you to edit them in an easy to do manner.

How to Download PDF OCR

You can download the program after you click on the Download button below this review. If you often work with PDF files you should also read our review of  Win PDF Editor.

The Program Review

Let’s say you work in a school (which my wife actually does) and have scanned a bunch of books for something you are working on. These scan in, become PDF files and then you realize tinkering with these files is a nightmare. That is the kind of situation this software is perfect for.

Once you have your PDF on your computer, you can then load it into this software and you are ready to go. They say that it takes just a few clicks and that is actually true, just three clicks and you have a document that is ready for you to edit. My wife actually found this really useful so I give it two thumbs up for that.

One thing that is pretty cool about this software is the way that it can deal with different sizes. You can use a file that was scanned from an A4 all the way to B5 which is pretty cool. One thing that is worth noting is that this software working does depend on the quality of the scanned image. If the text is a bit faded or if there is some kind of thing in the background it can cause problems so that is worth knowing.

A real time saver of this is that you can set it off to do a bunch of pages in one go. This is really handy if you have let’s say ten pages from a book that you want to edit, you just set this off and then in under a minute, it is ready to go. I think this is a really neat feature and one that many people such as teachers, office clerks and so on will find really useful.

One aspect of this software that I or my wife did not use, but sounds interesting is the languages. While English is a giving, you can actually use this with PDFs that are in other languages such as French, Spanish, German and Italian. This is something I found very impressive.

I have used other programs that let you edit a PDF file in word, paint or whatever before. I expected that to be the case here but this has its very own editor that you can use. This again is a time saver and while the way it lets you edit is rather basic, I am sure for those wanting to do things like change text, highlight things and so on it will be really handy.

If you do have a lot of scanned PDFs on your computer then this piece of free software is ideal for you. I am sure for some people this is the kind of thing that is rather pointless. Others though will get a ton of use, as I mentioned my wife is a teacher and I know first hand she will get a lot of use out of this software.

PDF OCR is a tool that will transform your PDF documents into editable form. Download it and use it productively.
9 Total Score
PDF OCR Review Summary

  • The software is free to download
  • It is very easy to use
  • Convert files in just a few clicks
  • Supports over 10 languages
  • Has a built-in text editor
  • The software working does depend on the quality of the scanned images
  • Not the kind of software that is useful for tons of people
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