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PDF Replacer 1.8

PDF Replacer helps you to change text, data, and word in a PDF file. Changing data in a PDF file is troublesome but not anymore when you have the authentic PDF Replacer around you. Let’s have a detailed overview of the PDF Replacer in this article.

How to Download PDF Replacer

You can download the program by clicking the Download button located at the end of this review.

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The Program Review

What Is PDF Replacer?

It is a replacement software that replaces text, words, phrases, and data in PDF documents. It changes data without changing the original layout of files. Moreover, it comes with numerous other features too that can help you to replace your data effortlessly.

The PDF Replacer can work easily on any PDF of your choice. But make sure not to upload the files that contain a virus or are corrupted; otherwise, it will not work properly on them.

Why Should You Use This Software?

There are several important reasons why this software is so in demand and why one should use it. These includes:

  • Replacement of Sensitive Words in PDF

In case your PDF file contains some sensitive words, you don’t want your readers to see. Then all you need to do is to go in a PDF Replacer to replace the required word. Either you can use “*” in place of a word or replace it with another word.

  • Replacement of a Person’s or a Brand Name

Sometimes a PDF contains a name of a specific person or a brand name. However, it is not a problem anymore. You can go to the Find field and replace the name with something else. Enter a new name and click on the ‘Replace Now’ button.

  • Changing Data and Time in PDF:

Another reason why you can use PDF Replacer is to update the data and time in the file. Go to the Find field and enter old data and time and then replace it with the latest data by clicking the option ‘Replace With.’

  • Deleting A Word Or Sentence

Just like updating data, you can also replace a specific word or a sentence by writing it in the find field and clicking the ‘Replace With’ option.

PDF Replacer – the Key Features

  • Maintain Layout

There is no need to worry about the change in your original layout. Because PDF Replacer only changes what is required and doesn’t mess with the original layout of PDF.

  • Support Restricted PDF

It is probably its best feature as it can also support and replace words in restricted and locked PDF documents.

  • Support Batch Replacement

It comes with a feature to support batch replacement. You can replace words, sentences, or data in a batch.

  • Change PDF Text

Apart from replacing data, it also changes the font of PDF text and its decorations.

  • Save and Import Words

It saves all the replaced words in CSV / TXT and makes a list. And when needed, they can import words and phrases from there.


It is the best software to replace and modify your PDF file without much hassle. It is easy to use and comes with numerous features. In short, we can call it a problem-free tool that can help beginners as well as experts to modify and replace their words in no time. In order to use the tool better, don’t forget to read its features.


PDF Replacer
PDF Replacer is a tool that will give the capability to search and replace within portable document format files. Download it now.
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