A Hat in Time

A Hat in Time is a 3D platformer, available on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. The game was originally released on the 5th October 2017. Gears for Breakfast are the team behind A Hat in Time, a team known only for this time, but is already considered one of the best 3D platformers released in so long, so the team clearly know what they’re doing. In a brightly colored world, Hat Kid is stranded on Earth and needs your platforming skills to collect a bunch of collectibles to continue her journey across the stars to get home.

How to Download A Hat in Time

To download the full version of A Hat in Time click on the Download button located below the review. The game can be downloaded from GOG.com or Steam. You can also download the DLC A Hat in Time – Seal the Deal which contains the new chapter The Arctic Cruise and a couple of new interesting features.

The Game Review

You play as Hat Kid, a small child-looking alien that has a fondness for hats. As Hat Kid explored her ship as it flies towards her home, she’s rudely interrupted by the Mafia to pay a toll. When refusing to pay for said toll, the mafia damage her ship and cause her to be flung onto Mafia island with all 40 of her different time pieces, of which are used to fuel the ship. In a bid to get back those time pieces and get herself home, Hat Kid must go out on an epic adventure to collect all of those pieces to return home on time.

Playing like many other 3D platformers, A Hat in Time makes use of a lot of pre-existing mechanics, along with adding in a few new ones. The main gameplay has you running around each level in A Hat in Time, looking around for one of the three different collectibles: green orbs, yarn, and time pieces.

Green orbs are used to purchase upgrades from an NPC in the game; yarn is used to purchase new hats, which provide different abilities; and time pieces unlock new levels and islands for the player to explore and enjoy. With each new time piece, you collect, the story progresses a little bit more and the development between Hat Girl and the mafia continues more and more until the eventual conclusion.

A massive part of the game is the use of hats. To unlock a new hat, you need to find enough yarn to finally make a new hat. A this point you can switch between several of your hats, all depending on which one you need at the moment. Some are mainly used for traversal, such as the sprint hat which makes you run faster, whereas there are others that will allow you to throw a potion that explodes on contact, blowing up vulnerable objects that couldn’t be destroyed previously.

A big part of the movement system in A Hat of Time comes through the double-jump, the dive, and the ability to run up a wall briefly before using it as a springboard to gain some extra distance, making for a fun movement system that’s easy to get to grips with.

A Hat in Time uses a lot of the same mechanics popular 3D platformers use, but two of the biggest ones it takes inspiration from is Banjo & Kazooie and 3D Mario titles, such as Super Mario: Sunshine, a game well known for its vast movement mechanics that are easy to learn, but fun all at the same time.

3D platformers are a genre that hasn’t seen much love recently, but A Hat in Time has flipped that idea on its head by creating easily one of the best 3D platformers the world has seen in quite some time. Any fan of the genre is going to find a lot to love and enjoy within a Hat in Time, all the way from start to finish.

A Hat in Time
A Hat in Time is a three dimensional platform game. Download it and enjoy playing as a cute female protagonist who uses different hats to gain special powers.
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