Battle Carnival

Battle Carnival is a new free-to-play first-person shooter that is character-based, similar to Overwatch.  The game is developed by Zepetto, a Korean game developer that is known for titles such as Point Blank.  In Battle Carnival, players compete in a variety of game modes, choosing unique characters with special skills and abilities. By eliminating foes and capturing objectives, players battle in a fierce competition over a mystical energy resource known as prometanium.  The game is free to download and is available on PC through Steam.

Battle Carnival Download

To get Battle Carnival click on the Download at the end of the review. The game is available as a free download with some microtransactions available in-game.

Battle Carnival Story and Gameplay

The story in Battle Carnival is appropriately light, setting the stage for the battles to come.  The lore of Battle Carnival focuses on a renewable energy resource known as prometanium.  When a famous physicist named Lionel Cook discovers prometanium, his work is quickly separated into 13 cubes of information.  When the location of these cubes is leaked out, battles wage over their locations, with characters fighting to claim the priceless resource.

The game is still in early access, and as such, only features a handful of modes and playable characters.  There are two main modes of play, Domination and Demolition.  Demolition is similar to the main mode in Counter-Strike, with one team attempting to plant a bomb while the other repels their efforts.  Domination is a mix of classic territories and king of the hill modes, forcing players to hold different areas of the map. Both modes offer a different kind of gameplay style, giving players two choices in how to play.  Demolition is slightly more strategic, and you’ll have to make your shots count.  Domination seems to be the most popular, and it aligns with the character-based action that Battle Carnival attempts to replicate.

Battle Carnival Characters

There are seven playable characters as of publication, each with their own different playstyle, weapon, and abilities.  Like in Overwatch, different characters fit different roles, with some characters better at dealing damage while others will find more success in supporting.  There’s Papi, an assault rifle-toting soldier.  Papi can activate unlimited ammo, use a shock grenade, and generally deal a ton of damage.  Rumble Jack is a good character for more accurate shooters, thanks to his sniper rifle and C4 explosives.  Another character, Killjoy, has a bit of magic to him.  Using his dual pistols, Killjoy can become invisible for a short time.  This gives players a good opportunity to surprise enemies, dropping in unseen.  There’s another sniper in the form of Natasha.  Natasha is a more aggressive sniper than Rumble Jack, with her abilities better suited for players who want to get into the action.  She can peer through walls, giving you a clear view of enemy players.  She also has a “UAV” skill, which reveals enemy locations on your minimap.  The biggest and baddest character is Rhino, a hefty champion whose weaponry packs a substantial punch.  Besides his giant light machine gun, Rhino also has an RPG on hand, which players can switch to at any time.  Finally, there’s Cindy.  Cindy is great as a support character, due to her multiple healing abilities.  Although her damage output leaves a bit to be desired, her ability to heal teammates by shooting them is very powerful.

Battle Carnival Review

There are a handful of cosmetic items that can be purchased for real cash, and as the game continues to grow, new characters will be added.  There are currently plans for a large variety of maps, but as of now, there are only a handful of maps available.  Most of these are pretty standard FPS fare, with long winding corridors and open courtyards.  New updates to the game are promised, and will hopefully balance out some character abilities and the current issue with spawn camping.  Battle Carnival is free-to-play, so download it on your PC today and check it out!

Battle Carnival

Battle Carnival is a free downloadable online shooter, which, according to its makers is not pay-to-win. Download the game, choose one of the many available characters that you like the most and get into the battle.

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