Block N Load

Block N Load is a first-person shooter game developed by Jagex and Artplant. The game features an environment where five players team up against five other players and battle it out in different competitions. Players have the choice to build, destroy, and shoot whatever object comes in front of them. The game was released on 1st May 2015 and is available to play on Microsoft Windows.

How to Download Block N Load

To download Block N Load for free click on the Download button at the end of the review. The game is available on Steam together with other additional downloads which are:

  • Theme Music,
  • 60 Platinum Bar Pack,
  • Starter Pack,
  • and last but not least Scary Monsters Skins Pack.

The Game Review

Block N Load is a multiplayer game, so all the modes offered can only be played if the player has an internet connection. The game begins with the main menu giving the option to choose from three types of competitions namely Ablockalypse, Classic, and Ranked.

As described in the game, the Ablockalypse is a fast-paced version that is more suitable for new players who are still struggling to learn the controls. The Classic mode is the normal version where players can either play solo or team up with other players to form a squad. Finally comes the Ranked version which can only be played by experienced players. Only those players who have experience of previously playing Classic matches can compete in a Ranked match.

In each game mode, the squad starts off with a base that it is supposed to defend from the other team. Before the round starts and the two teams cannot attack each other but have the option to build numerous things around their bases to protect it from the other team including traps, obstacles, respawn points, and defense mechanisms.

Enemy bases can be tracked down using the map or indicators that appear on the screen. Moving on to the battle phase, there are two types of roles that the players can adopt: Attack or Defend. There are different characters that players can select from – depending on their roles – and each has a unique weapon or ability that makes it valuable to the team.

There are those characters who are excellent at close combat and can be used to attack head-on including enemies and objects including bases. Then there are midfield heroes who wield weapons that can provide damage from a midrange distance. There are also defensive characters who possess weapons like a sniper or a revolver which can be used to kill enemies who are approaching their bases. According to experienced players, the best kind of squad is the one which contains an equal balance between the two roles available. Too offensive or too defensive mostly end up in failure.

The game is often compared to the likes of Fortnite which also features similar action and mechanism. Although Fortnite operates at a much larger scale, the basic structure is practically the same as both the games involve numerous actions and strategies such as building different objects, destroying, and shooting down enemies with guns.

Overall, Block N Load is a very simple, yet exciting game. It can be played on the most basic computer platform, but the gameplay makes it very addicting for anyone who chooses to play. In addition to that, the multiplayer option allows players to play with or against their friends in different competitions, making it really fun to play!

Block N Load
Block N Load is an addictive and free multiplayer FPS game, in some respects, quite similar to Fortnite. Download it now and join crazy battles.
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