BLOCKADE 3D is a dynamic game which is part MMORPG and part FPS. It made its debut thanks to Steam Greenlight and since the beginning received good reviews from the players. The author of the game is an independent developer Shumkov Dmitriy. BLOCKADE 3D is now in early access phase. The title had its premiere on November 4, 2015, and was released for Windows platforms.

BLOCKADE 3D – How to Play

in BLOCKADE 3D the player finds himself in the world build of cube blocks. We can play on different maps. The shape of our environment and the manner in which is built will affect the gameplay. The game is essentially a first-person perspective shooter which is enriched with building system known from Minecraft.

There can be up to 32 players who are divided into 4 teams. There is a wide selection of weapons available, while our goal is to eliminate our opponents in every possible way. Besides the classic game modes, we have additional ones, for example, zombie mode.

As far as the mechanics of the game go BLOCKADE 3D differs from the classic FPS games. We have three character classes at our disposal: a trooper, a support class, and a sniper. They differ with the weapons they can carry.

Because of the cubic nature of the world we play in, we can freely build, modify, and destroy it. Raising structures and team cooperation are the key aspects of the game. Despite the game being in early access, it’s fully playable and is a lot of fun. As we level up we also receive access to the chests with better weaponry.

BLOCKADE – the Weapons

Speaking of which… the game gives us access to the whole arsenal of deadly weapons. What’s interesting the weapons have been quite skillfully rendered inside the cubic pixelized world. The looks of our character can be modified, we can add hats or other wearable gadgets. Besides the firearms, we can also use tanks in the Tank mode.

The simplified pixel graphics surely make us think of Minecraft. The building system was virtually copied from that game. Thus we have blocks which can be put on the top of those that are already on the map. To destroy them we use a shovel. In this manner, we can build shelters or barricades which will let us avoid enemy fire.

Because everything around is destructible the game is crazy and fast. We can’t really count that our shelter will let us live for the whole round, which forces us to move. The mechanics and the physics of the game are comic in their nature making the game hilarious and unserious.


BLOCKADE 3D is an action game that resembles Minecraft. It's a cross between an FPS and a game where you build and level up. Made for many players. Download it now.

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