Caveblazers is a mysterious and adventurous journey into a cave that holds tremendous and fantasy-filled powers. The developers Rupeck Games and Deadpan games and the publisher Yogscast received an all-positive response over the release of the game.

In this platform game with roguelike elements, the player is fully contented with a fantastic amount of exploration into a cave that does not seem to have a dead end. Other exciting activities include fighting off several monsters and creatures and finally discovering the most unimaginable secrets in the hidden darkness of the abandoned cave.

How to Download Caveblazers

You can download Caveblazers form digital distribution platforms such as Steam or To download Cavebalzers click on the Download button at the end of the game review.

The Game Review

The plot revolves around the player entering a dark and lonely cave that is filled with countless magical creatures including goblins and monsters. These creatures are actually very determined throughout to kill you and end your journey before it even starts.

However, the killer characters are not the only ones you will find on your way, in fact, you will come across many other characters who are very friendly. The follow-up system of the game is designed in such a way that the friendly fairies and other creatures you meet will assist you throughout your exploration and will keep you company even in the darkest areas.

Unfortunately, the same action is also performed by the enemies who continuously keep tracking you wherever you go. You need to be aware of any hideout or suspicious areas from where a monster might come out and kill you by surprise.

The adventure starts with the customization of the character where you get to dress your hero in the way you want. You can change the different wardrobe styling of the protagonist and even add accessories to his body. Moreover, by going further down the game, you can also upgrade and unlock different types of trousers, robes, and hats to make your hero a style icon on his venture.

The user will have access to an inventory system where a wide range of weapons and valuable items will be made available. However, even though there are a number of essential equipment and astonishing upgrades the player has to be very careful about the complicated killing situation which could lead to permanent death of the character.

A different boss will control the level or area that the controller will visit. Every boss is a monstrous fight that occurs after every two stages. Once you kill these bosses, you will be rewarded with a particular upgrade or an item that can help you earn health.

The player will also come across many potions on their way; however, they should know that not all drinks will help them gain favor. Every potion will be different based on the harm or benefit they help the user to achieve.

The exciting part of the adventure where you can earn tons of weapons and equipment are the daily challenges that you encounter. These challenges provide you only a single opportunity to win as much featured loot in the game as possible.

Caveblazers is a fantasy platform game in which you enter a deep cave in search of treasures to find and monsters to kill. Download the game and start our roguelike adventure.
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