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I will admit that the rather mixed response Conqueror’s Blade got when it was first released put me off. A lot of work has been done on the game and as I write this the second season is well underway and it is like a new game. This is a free to play MMO with a heavy emphasis on fighting and a cool medieval setting.

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The Game Review

When you fire up the game it throws you right in and you get to lay waste to many cannon fodder easy to kill enemies. From here, you get asked a few questions and this will shape the kind of stats you have to start off with. You create your character which is pretty easy to do and then after a cut scene, you get taken to a training area.

I have to say that Conqueror’s Blade has one of the best training segments of any game of this style I have ever played. There are ten weapons that you can wield in this game and here you can try them all out. I highly recommend that you try them all as finding a weapon you find fun to use is the key to having a good time in the early part of this game.

From the slow and brutal poleaxe to the lightning-fast dual blades, each weapon feels truly unique. You then get to do a bunch of tutorials that teach you everything you need to know. I am talking stuff like changing your units, changing formations, attacking defending, and so on. The game does a fantastic job of teaching you how to play it and it does it in a way where you learn through playing which is way more fun.

Once you are ready, you then get to pick from one of four regions. Each region is different as it offers different units, products, tasks, and so on. You pick the town; you head to it and from there the game really begins. You will get a horse, learn how to recruit units, and best of all, get ready for battle.

Here you get to team with other players as you take on AI. This is awesome, it is not too challenging, but not too easy and it gets you jacked up and ready to go for the main game. The PvP in Conqueror’s Blade is a lot of fun. You need to hack and slash your way through your opponent’s forces, but you also need to siege castles with stuff like fireballs, ladders, and so on.

I liked to play the game rushing in, going all-out attack which, I felt was the best way for me to help my team. Most of the people I came across in the game were pretty cool and I had a fun time. I started to get pretty cocky and think I had this game figured out, I did not! The high-level players, play much more strategically and if you rush in you will suffer.

I still had a fun time and was able to get some kills and do a bit of good, but there is a huge gulf in the class of the lower end and higher-end players in the game. I found the hack and slash style of gameplay to be similar to stuff like Dynasty Warriors, often I would forget to tell my units what to do!

There are also some PvE battles that you can do. These are called Expeditions and, in all honesty, this is far more my speed. I know that the PvP is the main point of this game, but there it is cool that this expedition mode is here for people like me who want to just rush in and not worry too much about strategy.

I was very pleasantly surprised by Conqueror’s Blade. It is easy to see why the game has become highly praised on Steam. I had a blast playing this game and I wish that all MMO games would have a tutorial that is as much fun as this one here. If you are looking for an MMO that is more fun than bogged down with complicated stuff, be sure to check this out.

Conqueror's Blade
Conqueror's Blade is a free action MMO title set in the medieval times. Download it now and become a mighty warlord.
8 Total Score
Conqueror's Blade Review Summary

  • The medieval setting is cool
  • The game is far more cinematic than you would think
  • Each of the 10 weapons feels truly unique
  • The tutorial is fantastic as it teaches you to play in a fun way
  • I liked how it has PvP and PvE
  • I would sometimes forget to tell my units what to do
  • The higher level players will rip you apart!
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