Counter-Strike: Source

Counter-Strike: Source is a remake of the famous Counter-Strike shooter. It is a tactical action game in which the player using the first-person view kills the other players and completes various mission tasks. The new graphics engine Source used in the game changed the gameplay and the physics of the original. Back in 2004 when the game was released, it was a smash hit.

How to Download Counter-Strike: Source

The game is downloadable from Steam. It is also important to know that a very good alternative to downloading Counter-Strike: Source is to download Counter-Strike: GO.

The Modes of Play

Depending on the objectives of the map we may focus on:

  • The elimination of the opponents. These are handled by FFF, or Free for All servers or in a deathmatch.
  • Planting the bombs (maps de_) as far as the terrorist are concerned or preventing that (the antiterrorists ). If the enemy plants the bombing, then the other side has always a chance to disarm it before it explodes.
  • Hostages rescue (cs_ maps) and their safe evacuation. The other side of the conflict focus on guarding the prisoners.
  • Escorting a VIP to a designated sport on the map (as_ map) or making sure that the VIP is killed (the terrorists).

There are also other types of maps, but these are the main ones on which you will play.

How to Play Counter-Strike: Source

In the game, you play as an anti-terrorist or a terrorist. At the beginning you start at the place of rebirth (so-called respawn), where you also have access to the shop in which you can purchase:

  • weapons,
  • ammunition,
  • grenades,
  • a vest,
  • a helmet,
  • and other equipment needed on the map.

You win by winning a round, killing the players and completing the map goals. Thus in Counter-Strike: Source, it is not uncommon to attack an opposing heavily armed team only with a pistol gun. The tactics are realized already during the shopping process.

Sometimes you will hear from your team about an “eco” round nothing is being bought in order have everything in abundance later. It is important to actively communicate with your team members. You exchange information on when the enemy was last seen or share imaginative strategies and ideas.

Your main focus should be mainly on shooting the opponents. The player who is more accurate, the one who has better control over his weapon and knows where prepare a trap for the opponent – ultimately has the advantage. Counter-Strike: Source is a game of skill. The growing e-sport scene often hosts Counter-Strike: Source events where we can see how the top players perform.

 The New Stuff in CS: S

After Counter-Strike 1.6 turned out to be a huge success, we didn’t have to wait much for the successor. The engine used in CS: S is also the one that made Half-Life 2 run. Source took Counter-strike into a new dimension as the graphics and the physics of the original version were already quite old. In the new version, many things look more natural. For example, if you take a shot at a flower pot, it breaks, and when we move it, it rolls naturally abiding by the laws of physics. The dead bodies of the fallen soldiers are also rolling nicely down the slopes. In general, we can see more interaction. The new version has brought us also new models of weapons and characters, and also new maps. This is the same good old CS, but totally rejuvenated.

Counter-Strike: Source
Counter-Strike: Source is a revamped release of Counter-Strike 1.6, this time running on Source engine. Download CS: S today and shoot the terrorists or anti-terrorists.
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