Cuisine Royale

Mimicking the style and elements of the more serious battle royale games, Cuisine Royale is another entry into the field of action games. Darkflow Software, the developer and Gaijin Distribution KFT the publishers introduced Cuisine Royale into the gaming world in June 2018. Since the game is designed in a power action mode, it provides an incredible opportunity for a number of players to come together to compete in the battling world. Revolving around the survival plot, the player here has to make it to the end without getting killed by the others playing. Your basic aim should be to run around in search of using weapons that can be used as protective equipment.

How to Download Cuisine Royale

The developer claim that the game will be free to download until June 25, 2018, when they will decide to restrict the access only to the paying players. They also promise that those who download the game for free before will have it free always. Rush then to download Cuisine Royale while there is still time. It is certainly a worthy competitor for the likes of Realm Royale, PUGB, and Fortnite Battle Royale. You can currently run this CR on Microsoft Window. Nothing is yet known about the versions for PS4 and Xbox One.

The Game Review

Reflecting the name of the game, Cuisine Royale is entirely set up in the midst of many kitchen utensils used as a source of weapons and for defense. There is a limitation to 30 players who can appear on the battlefield. At the start, all the culinary combatants will be made to start their adventure from the various sites marked on the map. This means that you will have to be extra careful as the enemy attack can be waiting around any corner of your pathway.

The fun of the game is that your character gets to start the running about only in his underwear after which you will have to make it to the battlefield in time speedily. The running about done here is just done in order to survive the killing attempts of the opponents. Once you have managed to make it till the end without losing out, you will become a part of the super survivors. This would lead to another main battle which would be fought by the last known survivors.

The real fun of the game begins when instead of dealing with guns and bombs; you are instead given kitchen items to combat the enemy attack. Do not underestimate the power of these harmless cooking items as they can really blow off your opponent with a single hit. Whether it is a stab with a pan on the other character’s face or a colander to keep you safe from injuries, these appliances easily help you get to the end of your journey.

Also, you will come across a variety of unique instruments and tableware throughout the game. With the entire intriguing action taking place, it’s a comic relief to see the player wearing a wok on his chest just to stay away from the massive blows of the opponent’s attack.

Keep a sharp eye for loot that will be dispersed throughout the different paths that lead you to the main fighting field. Do not miss the chance to grab hold of these booty boxes as they consist of some of the most worthy items such as armor and killer weapons. Weapons are not the only treasure here; instead, you can also find food to restore your health, bonus kitchen items to give you the lead and most importantly potions. These potions can then help you to gain your lost health and resume the fight.

Cuisine Royale
Cuisine Royale is a humorous take at the battle royale genre. Download it and use dinnerware as your protection. Take part in 30-player battles.
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