Heroes & Generals

Heroes & Generals Generals is a World War II game in which the player’s task is to defend or take over key areas on the maps, as well as to take control of supply lines. The best players then can change the front lines, sabotage the opponent’s actions and penetrate enemy territory. The game is a competition for the Battlefield and Call of Duty series.

How to Download Heroes & Generals

Heroes & Generals can be downloaded for free from the Steam platform. In order to start the download, click on the Download button at the end of the game review.

The Types of Games

Heroes & Generals is a game designed for the multiplayer experience. It offers three types of games.

  • the first game is an MMOFPS shooter containing three modes: Assault, Skirmish, and Encounter – this is the most important mode
  • the other mode is an RTS strategy game played in the browser (at least in the classic version, because over time it has been replaced by a downloadable client)
  • the third is a collection of mini-games to be played on smartphones.

The player can create various types of characters. These are infantry, paratrooper, recon, tank crew, fighter pilot, and generals. Each of these heroes can buy equipment, either for real money or those earned in the game. The currency is silver and gold coins. All fights and clashes take place on the maps that are very diverse and extensive. They are also divided into areas connected by the supply lines. Thy areas differ in colors that denote the Americans, the Soviets or the Germans.

The heroes can control such vehicles as tanks, armored cars, planes, and even ordinary bikes. The infantry can use cars, motorcycle and APCs (armored personnel carriers). Recon have their special vehicles. There are also four types of tanks: light, medium heavy and tank destroyers. The attack and defense can be planned or you can just do what your heart tells you to do.

Heroes & Generals – a Mobile Game

The third type of gameplay is a set of mini-games intended for use on social networks and on smartphones. The players can decode encrypted messages do airstrikes. The available games require a teamwork and enable tens of players to have fun at the same time.

In Heroes & Generals, there are many game elements which are real. These include, for example, recoil force, the need to repair vehicles, or to load weapons. The atmospheric conditions change, there is also a night-day cycle. The situation on the front is constantly changing. The action is quite dynamic and it is impossible to predict what will happen. The game lets you buy war bonds or buy the in-game gold, all with the help of micropayments. With the acquired funding, new combat units can be created. What’s interesting, a part of the amount invested can be recovered every month, including the percentage added to the transaction.

The Strategy Game and the FPS

Heroes & Generals in the strategic version was once a classic browser game. The fans would watch a two-dimensional strategic map of the area where the war was being waged. On the contrary, in the FPS version, three-dimensional graphics prevail. The game’s world is quite detailed. However, the strategic mode is set in 2D. This way it is easy to see what’s going on. It all looks very elegant.

This game has been created by Reto Moto studio from Denmark. The mechanics of Heroes & Generals are reminiscent of many MMO shooters and other popular games that are currently available on the global market.

Heroes & Generals
Heroes & Generals is a first-person multiplayer shooter played out in the reality of the World War II. Get into the vortex of war, join the infantry, tankers, scouts, paratroopers or pilot the plane. Download the game for free today.
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