Hide Or Die

Hide Or Die is a horror online multiplayer game that is a real Kickstarter success story. As someone who loves horror-based games. This is a game I have had my eye on since the Kickstarter was launched. The game is set for an official release in August, but I have spent a lot of time with it in its early access form and that is what we are looking at today.

How to Download Hide Or Die

You can obtain the game from Steam. To start, click on the Download button below this review. And if you like asymmetric multiplayer horror action, check out our review of Dead by Daylight, Deceit, or Last Year: The Nightmare.

The Game Review

Please note that there is no single-player content here at all. This is multiplayer only, which given the setting that they have is a little disappointing as I do like the little bit of lore that the game has. The world is consumed by supernatural darkness and a group of survivors needs to fight to not just survive, but illuminate the darkness!

The game is played with 16 players. There is one enemy at first, The Darkness who is a supernatural “being” that when anyone who gets to close to it becomes deranged and out for blood. Avoiding The Darkness and finding resources that you can use such as weapons and distraction items is really the key to what you will be doing in the game.

I felt that the character designs were rather uninspired in all honesty. However, you do get to pick what kind of murderer you become if you do get caught in the darkness. There are a few different types of evil-doers that you can play in the game and they do have different skills. I actually thought this was a pretty cool and interesting gameplay idea.

The map is procedurally generated so that is cool and makes each match like a new experience. The way that a match works is that each round will see one player become a murderer. Then the rest of the players need to bring back power to an illumination tower. When this happens, The Darkness will flee and the net section/round of the match will happen.

The idea of Hide Or Die is that eventually it will be whittled down to just one survivor and one murderer to see who is the victor. The map is made smaller thanks to this fog, so a fight is forced between the two. As the murderer is much more powerful, the survivor is given a helping hand thanks to some more powerful weapons. The survivor between these two is the winner of the match.

When playing the game, it is really up to you how you go about it. For example, you can decide to just try and lay low, hoping that everyone else will do the work. This way you can eek it out to the late rounds! Or you might want to try and team up, one player trying to do distractions while the other tries to illuminate the map. No two matches felt the same and that was cool.

Even though as I write this the game is still in early access, I do like the way the game looks. It has a nice dark, gothic, and horror kind of vibe to it and I really think that is cool. The game does feel like an early access game in terms of the gameplay as it is rather glitchy. Especially the tutorial which I had crashed on me three times before I could get through it.

I really like what is happening with Hide Or Die. It is a very tense kind of game and one that is also a lot of fun. Playing as the different types of a murderer is cool, but there is something so satisfying about making it to that last round where you are the only survivor left. If you like horror and multiplayer first-person games, check this one out.

Hide Or Die
Hide Or Die is an open-world asymmetric survival horror game. Be a good guy or embrace the darkness. Download now.
6.5 Total Score
Hide Or Die Review Summary

  • I love the setting of the game
  • It has some very creepy atmosphere
  • The idea of The Darkness is really cool
  • A lot of fun to play as a murderer
  • Being the sole survivor makes you feel amazing
  • It has some annoying bugs
  • The tutorial is super glitchy!
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