Hunter’s Arena: Legends

I was lucky enough to get a code so that I could check out an early build of Hunter’s Arena: Legends. In case you have not heard this is an upcoming game that is taking an RPG and a Battle Royale game and smashing them together. In theory, the idea of this sounds like it would never work in a million years, but there is something very interesting and appealing about this.

How to Download Hunter’s Arena: Legends

The game will be available on Steam in early 2020. To check if you can already download it, click on the Download button at the end of the review.

The Game Review

There is a fantasy story that links everything together in Hunter’s Arena: Legends. The basics of it are that there was a way between gods and demons which the gods won, well demons are now back and humans are once again in danger. Demon hunters are striving to rebuild the demon’s tablet to lock them up once again.

There are different characters that you can play as the one I like is this panda looking dude! The characters have a lot of personality and I think they are going for more of an Overwatch style with their characters over what a game like Fortnite does. You can upgrade as you play and there is a lot of loot to get. The progression system is kind of cool as it is all about you hunting and killing demons.

The game has the RPG mechanics of getting loot, leveling up, getting upgrades and so on. However, the actual gameplay is very much like that of a Battle Royale game. You and up to (at the moment it is 60) players are waging war to kill as many demons as you can (and there are bosses too) to be the last hunter standing.

I was surprised at how big the maps are and it is my understanding that dungeons are going to be coming too at some point. The world design is something that I really like and they have clearly drawn inspiration from pretty much every kind of fantasy movie/game/TV show that is out there.

The gameplay is not what I was expecting. This is a fast-paced action-packed style of game and the combat is great. The melee combat is very satisfying and all of your attacks have a lot of weight to them. I am sure as the game progresses the characters will become even more unique with the kind of attacks; they are able to do.

So far you can play the game by yourself which is what I have been doing. You can also jump in with one or two friends and play together as well which I am sure is going to be a great deal of fun. Even in this very early stage, this is a game that is just all about having a fun time.

So far so good for Hunter’s Arena: Legends. It is showing a great deal of promise and they have said more game modes are going to be added. The whole RPG mashed with a Battle Royale game premise of the game works a million times better than I thought it would. I highly recommend that you keep a close eye on this one as I think it could be a huge deal when it is released.

Hunter's Arena: Legends
Hunter's Arena: Legends is a fantasy battle royale with a lot of RPG elements and a great strategic twist. Download it now.
8.5 Total Score
Hunter's Arena: Legends Review Summary

  • Each character has a unique style to them
  • The gameplay is fun
  • The progression system feels fair
  • I liked the lore of the game
  • You can play with your friends
  • No word on what these new game modes will be
  • Will the final game have a lot of microtransactions?
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