I Wanna Be The Guy

Suffice to say; I Wanna Be the Guy is not a game for the faint of heart. True to the nature of “impossible platformers,” this downloadable 2D, indie-title from 2007 developed by Michael “Kayin,” has gone on to achieve cult status. Further still, a sense of notoriety for what one could only describe as a brutal exercise in gameplay.

Fans of From Software’s Dark Souls saga will be familiar with the nature of its difficulty. Word of warning, the likelihood of death is a near certainty. Though, classic gamers who stick with it, and those who possess a never say die spirit, will reap the spoils of its challenge and reward-based mechanic.

How to Download I Wanna Be the Guy

You can download I Wanna Be the Guy for free. To do this, click on the Download button below the review. You should also consider downloading and checking out another free game. We are talking here about I Wanna be the Boshy (2010), which was inspired by the original.

The Game Review: a Perplexing Platformer

Ever since this puzzler popped up back in 2007, fans of the genre and the community as a whole have pitched in with their renditions of the original. As of now, over 2000 games have surfaced. All of which share inspiration from this archetype, created by loyal fans and community members worldwide.

As a niche game, it’s not going to appeal to the masses, but rather those with a strong stomach, an unbreakable will and a compulsion to win at all costs against the odds, and despite heavy blows and significant setbacks. That said, it’s not for everyone, but let’s look at the core fundamentals of I Wanna Be the Guy.

Regarding the story, I Wanna Be the Guy is a little thin on the ground. Sure, you get the odd line here and the occasional set piece there. But mainly, the fable acts as a means by which to anchor the gameplay and gives the player a conduit in which to achieve each goal.

Primarily, the story centers around a valiant kid tasked with beating the guy, who dwells in an impenetrable fortress, guarded by six bosses. Each of these possesses an orb that aids progression. As far as plot goes, this is all you need to know. The key to beating this game is in the will of the player. Also, a gritty determination to get the job done under extreme duress is a handy tool to have.

The Kid, armed with nothing more than a measly cloak and shooter, has a sub-par arsenal. Moreover, this makes for a pretty straightforward gameplay loop. Genre boffins will no doubt be familiar with this simplicity. After all, it’s an old-school formula, born out of the eighties. As a result, players must hone their skills if they wish to conquer the game. Albeit, with a simple run, jump and shoot style of play.

The absence of a health bar notches up the challenge, as it means that any contact with the enemy will result in a swift K.O.. Brutal I’d say, especially if you factor in bosses. On a positive note, the controls are responsive — a crucial element when the game is such a tough nut to crack. So then, it is useful to know that the game is literally in your hands, be them sweaty, or otherwise.

I Wanna Be the Guy is a simple game in theory. As a construct, this is a genre that is all but dead today. That said, there is still plenty of joy and punishment if you like that sort of thing.

Yes, the challenge is sometimes too much of a burden to bear. But, in comparison with the modern age of games, it is a refreshing blast from the past. You know, where everything is laid out, and pinpointed on a map, there is absolute purity and soulfulness about IWBTG. Prepare to die, but in doing so, you will develop a backbone and with it, an everlasting sense of achievement.

I Wanna Be The Guy
I Wanna Be The Guy is an unusually difficult two-dimensional platform game. Download it now for free to see why it has become so popular.
8.5 Total Score
I Wanna Be The Guy Review Summary

  • Responsive Controls
  • Challenge and reward based system
  • Brutal Bosses
  • Immense difficulty
  • Limited arsenal
  • Random spikes
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