Action platformers are a dime a dozen these days. But the downloadable title Iconoclasts, as the name implies, does things a little bit differently. It doesn’t throw the baby out with the bath water, though. The game only takes the best elements of its borrowed genres and integrates them in novel ways.

How to Download Iconoclasts

To download the game click on the Download link located below the review. Iconoclasts is available on Steam. An additional item that you can get is the official game soundtrack.

The Game Review 

The game was released in January 2018. Developed by Konjak and published by Bifrost Entertainment, Iconoclasts is a 2D platforming game that combines elements of a Metroidvania type game with a dash of puzzle-solving and fighting.

It is currently available for nearly every platform out there such as Microsoft Windows, macOS, Linux, PlayStation 4, Switch, and PlayStation Vita. Each platform offers its own quirks and advantages but, overall, the experience is largely the same no matter what you choose.

A lot of people are crowing over the Nintendo Switch port of the game and that’s understandable since the Switch gives you the best of both worlds.

The Iconoclasts Gameplay 

Divided into levels that protagonist Robin has to explore and complete using a range of tools, Iconoclasts owes a lot to the Marios and Donkey Kong Countries that came before it. Boss battles play a hugely important role in this title and there are a lot of them: 20 at last count. Gamers who love boss rushes and epic encounters will really love Iconoclasts approach to these moments.

Tools have a puzzle-solving role as well as functioning like Mario’s power-ups in eliminating enemies. This mechanic is reminiscent of the classic puzzle platformer Toki Tori. In that game, the levels are both filled with puzzles and enemies that have to be taken care of using limited-use tools. Iconoclasts doesn’t exactly take this approach but it is reminiscent.

Outside of Robin, the player will also occasionally take control of other characters, Mina, Royal, and Elro, throughout the game. As if this wasn’t enough, there is even a crafting mechanism in the game that rewards the player with small gameplay bonuses like improved damage and other unique abilities.

Another interesting aspect of this mechanic is that players often don’t have a lot of time to master the use of these tools which only adds to the challenge.

The Graphics

Presentation wise, Iconoclasts delivers really bright graphics that are appropriate for the general theme of the game. Sound and music really delivery and, with a soundtrack from Joakim Sandberg, that’s no real surprise. Soaring soundscapes and dreamy levels are the icing on the cake. Everything comes together very well in Iconoclasts, and few games can claim that.

Iconoclasts is a Metroidvania title. Download it and become Robin, a female mechanic who explores a fantastic 2D world.
9 Total Score
Iconoclasts Review Summary

The charm of Iconoclasts is that it both does so many things well and draws from so many inspirations at the same time while doing it. This title is a great game for those who love action, exploration, and situational puzzle solving.

  • Tight gameplay mechanics that borrows from a lot of different games
  • Amazing graphics, sound, and music
  • Tons of content and things to do
  • If you’ve played one haven’t you played them all
  • Puzzles are poorly constructed at points
  • Switch-out characters are often not much different from Robin himself
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