Now here was a re-release that many people thought would never happen. Originally released on the Nintendo GameCube and PlayStation 2 way back in 2005, killer7, now downloadable from Steam, was the brainchild of Suda 51, it was actually his first game to get a worldwide release. killer7 was known for being weird, bloody, weird, ultra-violent and did I say weird? Well, 2018 saw killer7 make a comeback on the PC!

How to Download killer7

To download the game for PC click on the link provided below the review. Sadly, the game is not available for PS4. And if you like games in which you are an assassin check out also Hitman 2Assassin’s Creed Origins or Assassin’s Creed Odyssey.

The Game Review

killer7 is actually a very hard game to review, especially now in 2018. This is a very weird game and weird even by Suda 51 standards. Without giving any major plot points away you play as the killer7 team and elite squad of assassins, each one with their own style, personality and so on. This killer7 team though is actually not all individual people they are the physical representation of a guy called Harman Smith.

The killer7 team does lots of hits for the government, but then on one mission something happens that leads the team into a deep, dark and messed up conspiracy that has something to do with Japan and their working inside the US political system. It is very weird, will make you say “what” on more than one occasion, but it somehow works.

However, with that being said, killer7 from a story point of view is certainly a case of you either love it or you hate it. It will grab you and take you one heck of a ride or right from the get-go you will hate it there is no middle ground with this game. There wasn’t back in 2005 and the same is probably going to be true for 2018.

The story is odd, but so is the gameplay. It is actually very hard to pigeonhole killer7 into just one genre, but the best you could is by calling it a 3rd person shooter. A 3rd person shooter that is on rails, has puzzle solving elements like an old school adventure game and is incredibly linear. If the story of killer7 is something you either love or hate that rings doubly true for the gameplay.

A typical level will see you playing as one of the killer7 team. You can walk forwards and backward and on occasion, you will be allowed to pick a particular direction to go in, but you cannot just walk around freely as you can in most other 3rd person games.

Combat sees you come against various enemies (called Smiles) and this is when the shooter part of the gameplay happens. You need to scan the area in first person mode to find the enemy and then you can shoot them. This is actually really cool as you can shoot specific body parts. So if you shoot them in the leg they will fall to the ground for example.

You can get special blood from the enemies, thick blood can be used like XP where you can improve your abilities. Thin blood is what you can use to get back some stamina as well as make it so you have enough energy for your special abilities. Speaking of special abilities. Each member of the killer7 team can be called into a scene at any time, as long as they are awake. This is something you have to get used to as some parts require a certain team members ability to solve a puzzle, get through an area or even defeat a specific enemy.

killer7 is the kind of game you will either love or hate there really is no middle ground with this at all. I had a blast playing it back in 2005 and thanks to the cell shaded graphics the game has aged quite well.

Killer7 is an action adventure game in which you follow the story of a team of assassins. Download it now for cool third-person perspective combat and an interesting plot.
9.5 Total Score
killer7 Review Summary

While not a full remaster, killer7 has certainly been given a bit of a polish and it looks great. This is a very strange game, if you think some of Suda 51’s other games like No More Heroes, Shadows of the Damned and Lollipop Chainsaw are weird, you have not seen anything yet!

  • The story is totally insane and awesome
  • Each member of the team is cool
  • It is amazing this game even exists in 2018!
  • Graphics and style is really neat
  • One of the most interesting Suda 51 games
  • It is a very acquired taste from a story and style point of view
  • Controls feel like they are from 2005
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