LEGO The Incredibles

LEGO The Incredibles is an open world action-adventure game by TT Games and Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment that features the Parr family and their adventures in the LEGO world fighting crime while being superheroes. Players play as part of the Parr family that has its core cast of Mr. Incredible, Elastigirl, Violet, Dash, and Jack-Jack.

You play through the story of the Incredibles who make their comeback into the world of heroes after being hidden away for so long. The game was released on June 15, 2018 together with Incredibles 2 movie which is a sequel to the highly acclaimed The Incredibles (2004). No time to waste – take to the open world for some fighting crime freedom as look to save those in need. You will be able to experience the events described in both movies.

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The Film Review

For those familiar with the long lineage of LEGO games and its video game franchise, what sets LEGO The Incredibles apart from others are reflective upon many new gameplay elements. To be specific, the crime waves are back where players lead the heroes on a series of short quests leading up to mini-boss battles in different districts of the hub world.

Once these are cleared, players are revealed to the collectibles that can be found in the district for picking and adding to the collection of heroes and items. On that note, the game features an open world for more player freedom that has a day and night cycle within the game.

The open world has random events the player can participate in to achieve a 100% completion for the area. Events include but are not limited to: putting out fires, small crime fighting, and emergency rescues. More personal customization was also added to each character that the player can tinker with through the “Edna Mode.”

Overall cityscape and terrain have been nicely updated with the inclusions of water physics, collision physics, and reflective mapping from where the player stands. Aside from the technical mechanics, the gameplay is lengthy and has enough content to keep anyone busy after the main story.

Although it is an Incredibles based game, other Pixar friends and enemies can be found in the world for added variability which the open world hub takes advantage of. With many different terrains and maps to discover, within are an estimated 100+ characters so there is always something new.

For the sake of spoilers, I will avoid any specific names but each character brings a new arsenal of skills to the table to experiment with and breaks having to use the same mechanics for all throughout the game (apart from story highlight fights). Combat compared to previous LEGO games seems much smoother with more complex quirks such as combining powers of characters for flashy moves.

On a final note, fans of the LEGO game franchise can expect similar feel to any other game of the genre. Still, here they can expect and enjoy some of the more freedoms LEGO the Incredibles brings to the table.

With Incredibles 2 already out, be immersed in the story and grab some friends to venture the world of Incredibles to write your own.

Lego The Incredibles
LEGO The Incredibles is an action game in the world made of Danish bricks where the famous family of superheroes have their adventures. Download it now.
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