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Mega Man 11 is a downloadable platform game. Often associated with the classic Nintendo Entertainment System, Capcom’s Blue Bomber aka Mega Man is one of the longest standing icons in gaming. It has produced almost as many titles as Mario or Pac Man though he has slacked off somewhat in the past year or so. An annual event for the NES back in the day, Mega Man titles are the definition of video game comfort food.

They offer a kind of homogenized Kraft Dinner experience that gamers have come to expect and love. Pitted against a varying number of robot masters each of which is armed with his own unique weapon, Mega Man is a side-scrolling action game developed by Keiji Inafune in 1987. It is aCapcom’s take on popular Japanese manga Astro Boy and created its own type of gameplay style in the process.

How to Download Mega Man 11

You can download Mega Man 11 by following the link at the end of the review.  The full game’s price is $29.99. You can also download the free Mega Man 11 Demo Version which is just 213.58 MB in size. The game can be enjoyed on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. If you like the title you should also download and check out Mega Man X Legacy Collection 1 +2, which offers even more of the crazy platformer action.

The Game Review

No stranger to churning out hits for the arcade, Mega Man and Resident Evil present two of Capcom’s most influential and powerful series that were born on the home console. Like the latter, Mega Man has had its fair share of ports and translations, showing up on nearly every system in the same classic style as before. This is the core of the new Mega Man 11, a title developed by Capcom to be a graphical successor to the classic titles of yore but still remaining locked very much in the past games featuring the Blue Bomber.

Sporting a flashy 2.5D graphical style and voice acting to boot, the new Mega Man 11 came as somewhat of a surprise to gamers given the last two iterations decidedly retro-future graphics that ported the look and feel of the NES to modern consoles. Eerily reminiscent of the somewhat failed Kickstarter project Mighty No. 9, Mega Man 11 is at once composed and jarringly different. That said, the heart of a Mega Man game is here and Mega Man 11’s charming take on these conventions should warm over old fans and win new ones alike.

As in other titles, Mega Man will face off against Doctor Wily’s 8 robot masters in an attempt to recover some stolen tech that Wily took from Mega Man’s master Doctor Light. Refreshingly Wily is out in the open in this game while previous titles have delighted in presenting some kind of decoy bad guy as a ruse to make players “think” Wily was not the antagonist of the series.

Though robot masters can be selected in any order, there is a strategy to picking certain robot masters in a certain order because of the game’s baked-in system of vulnerabilities. Many players who love Mega Man will tell you about how there is an awesome puzzle-solving element to the series and this is part of it. Figuring out a robot master’s weakness can not only make the confrontation a lot easier but also rewarding because you’re figuring out the game’s mechanics on a different level.

Graphically and sonically aligned with previous games, Mega Man 11 is perfect for new fans and veterans. It hopefully presents a renewed interest on Capcom’s part in the storied franchise.

Mega Man 11 Bosses – the Robot Masters

The game features the following cast of evil robot masters:

  • Acid Man,
  • Blast Man,
  • Block Man,
  • Bounce Man,
  • Fuse Man,
  • Impact Man,
  • Torch Man,
  • and Tundra Man.

Mega Man 11
Mega Man 11 is a two-dimensional old-style platform game. Download the game and as the Blue Bomber embark on a series of impossible missions.
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