Metal Wolf Chaos XD

Metal Wolf Chaos XD is a very strange game to exist if you ask me. This is an HD version of an original Xbox game that was previously only released in Japan, a country where Xbox did not exactly flourish. Still, Metal Wolf Chaos is something of a “cult” kind of game and the fact it has been given an HD coat of paint is awesome as many people get to experience it for the first time.

How to Download Metal Wolf Chaos XD

The PC version of the game is available for download from Steam or GOG. To start, click on the button below this review

The Game Review

What draws so many people to this game is the absolutely insane premise. You play as the president of the USA who needs to use a mech in order to save the world from his Vice President… and blow a lot of stuff up in the process. Metal Wolf Chaos XD does not take itself too seriously and I love the wacky and ridiculous story the game is telling.

I know that I said the game was given an HD coat of paint, but this is one of the least touched remasters of a game I have ever seen. The game has a very “2004” kind of look to it and I really do not see much improvement in the visuals as I expected. In all honesty, I feel for most people who like this game, that will be part of the charm.

As is the horrendous voice acting and awesome translation. This is a very, very cringe-inducing kind of game, but that is kind of the point. As far as the gameplay of Metal Wolf Chaos XD goes it is a 3rd person mech shooter. Not much (if anything actually) has been done to the controls of the game, but despite being a game from 2004, it is not as clunky as you may think.

The game is set up with many different missions of that you need to complete. The main goal of the majority of these missions is to destroy all of the enemies. You can have other goals to do though. These range from saving people, collecting energy pods and even doing things in a certain time limit.

It is rather fun to play, all be it in a rather mindless destruction kind of way, but that is the charm of the game for me. There are tons of weapons that you can use with your mech and you can have eight selected at any one time. You can buy new weapons with the money that you earn as you play and finding the right balance of weapons that suit your play style is key to having the most fun with the game.

While the overall gameplay may not be all that clunky. Some of the other aspects of the game certainly remind you this is a game from 2004. The most notable one for me is the lack of checkpoints. Sometimes you can be really close to the end of a mission, fail and have to restart the whole thing from scratch. This can be very frustrating and I can see some folks getting turned off by this.

I had a lot of fun with Metal Wolf Chaos XD and do think it is worth checking out. If you are a fan of these style games and have been curious about this, then check it out. It is available for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 and the asking price is not bad at all.

Metal Wolf Chaos XD
Metal Wolf Chaos XD is a science fiction third-person shooter game. Download it now and have a blast watching explosions.
8.5 Total Score
Metal Wolf Chaos XD Review Summary

  • It is great to have this game available in the West
  • The story of the game is awesome
  • It controls way better than you would think
  • Most of the missions are quite fun
  • Plenty of weapons to play around with
  • The checkpoint system is rather frustrating
  • Not a ton of improvement over the original in terms of presentation
User Rating: 4 (1 vote)
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