Move or Die

Party games are a love-it-or-hate-it genre. Mainly because you can’t really play them by yourself and some of them are so competitive you don’t want to play with others. After all, we all know a story or two of a friendship ruined by an overly competitive bout of Mario Party. Nonetheless, there is the occasional party game title that merits a few looks and Move or Die is one of them.

How to Download Move or Die

To start downloading the game click on the button below the review. The game can be obtained from Steam. And if you like party games, perhaps you should also have a look at Pummel Party. It rocks too.

The Game Review

Developed and published by Those Awesome Guys, the downloadable game Move or Die accommodates up to four players in an ever-changing arena where standing still will kill you but moving around might do the same.

This is because the minigame mechanics that are active during the game change constantly and this means gamers need to always be on their toes.

In fact, constant change is a calling card of the game and the devs promise continual and perpetual updates to make sure that the formula never gets old.

Billing itself as a four-player party game guaranteed to ruin friendships, Move or Die balances frustration with competition and makes sure that no one player dominates the field.

It even has a leveling system in which players gain XP and level up for participating in online matches. This system not only unlocks new modes and perks as you move up the ladder but also gives you some idea about your skill level in the game.

Outside of that, it also provides an opportunity to hone your skills against online players.

Don’t feel like playing online? No problem – the game has an awesome offline practice mode that replicates the feel of the online game without the need for other people to participate with you. Though the AI is pretty robust in most situations, absolutely nothing compares to competing against friends.

In addition to a maddening variety of game modes, Move or Die also tries to make itself as accessible as possible to as wide of an audience as possible. What this results in is a game that is at times intuitive and totally addictive but still struggling to fit within any one category. Easy to learn, tough to master, this title even offers daily challenges and missions to keep the gameplay formula evolutionary and compelling.

And, with the promise of perpetually free downloadable content, Move or Die should remain fresh year after year, update after update.

Graphically, this title is nothing to write home about but it does provide a competent and clear view of what’s going on as well as a well-designed interface and control scheme that makes it easy to pick up and play. The soundtrack really shines as Those Awesome Guys paid particular attention to delivering an audio experience that is almost too much for the game.

Move or Die
Move or Die is an awesome online party game. Download it and see what it is to have all the rules change every 20 seconds.
8.5 Total Score
Move or Die Review Summary

Endlessly fun with hours of addictive gameplay on offer, Move or Die is a great game for those tired of Mario Party (or their friends).

  • Awesome, compelling gameplay that changes frequently
  • Competitive without being repetitive
  • Tons of fun at a bargain price
  • Playing a party game solo is tough
  • Leveling in a party game is strange
  • The online component is hit or miss - do you really want to play a party game with strangers online?
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