Paint the Town Red

Paint the Town Red is a first-person perspective combat simulator available for download on Steam. The action of the game begins in the bar for motorcyclists. Everyone (and the characters resembled those from Minecraft and even the balls on the billiard table are square) looks at us disturbingly. Our hero immediately senses that something is not right.

How to Download Paint the Town Red

The game can be downloaded from Steam.

Fast Action

It doesn’t take much to start a fight. It’s enough to open a door that was not meant to be opened. The next second the characters are upon us and the fight commences. They hit us and each other. Our task is to “paint the town in red”. Not with the paint but with blood. Basically, anything that we can pick up can turn out to be a weapon. Our potential arsenal includes such deadly items as billiard sticks,  the square balls we have already mentioned, chairs, knives,  guitar or muffins.

At the top of the screen, there are two bars: the red and the blue. The red one, of course, means life, and when we die we die for good. The blue one is the adrenaline, and as soon as it’s full, we can go into one of the several interesting fighting modes (Berserk, Shock Wave, Smite). Thus, for example, we can electrocute our enemies, or use super strong fists and mighty kicking legs! When the superpowers are being used the game goes into slow-motion mode, which makes it easier for us to target the opponents. If we do not have anything in hand that could serve as a weapon, no problem – we can attack with bare hands. Our task is to survive, and the only option is to kill absolutely everyone. When the number of enemies falls to nine, a countdown starts at the bottom of the screen. The game ends when our mission is complete. Once we clear the location, we can either repeat the level or move on looking in the menu for any new challenges.

Some Interesting Ideas in Paint the Town Red

The PtTR menu is styled like an old newspaper displayed on a projector. Its shocking headlines are either summary of our devastating achievements or references to the locations that are still unlocked.

Of course, the bar is not the only place where we can merrily kill everyone. The creators of the game have prepared many more interesting places where we can spread. These include the disco, the prison, and even a pirate cave. In each location, we have different sets of weapons that can be used. There are even some we would hardly expect:  such as nunchaku at a disco or a soap in jail. This adds an extra pinch of spice to the game and encourages the player to visit new places on the map.

The creators also thought of players who wanted to train their brawling skills and they set up a training location where one can improve his combat. The control of the character is quite simple. To help us even further they provide a list of all the keys we need to press conveniently in the lower-left corner of the screen. The funny game atmosphere is completed with a good choice of background music. So you should get up and start the game and try not to get yourself killed.

Paint the Town Red
Paint the Town Red is an action game in which our task is to start a fight and win it as the last man standing. Download the game today and do what its title says.
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