Panzar is a free to play third-person fantasy action title developed by Panzar Studio. The game’s original release was in April 2nd of 2013 and is being shown continued support from the developers ever since. The game is built on CryEngine 3 so the graphics actually seem more modern than outdated. There is also planned an enhanced version called Panzar: Revolt that will feature modernized graphics, mechanics, skill trees, characters, rewards, and leveling system.

How to Download Panzar

You can download the game either directly or enjoy it on the Steam platform. To start your download click on the Download button at the end of this review. Be also sure to download and check out the DLC called Panzar: King Pack. It includes some cool additional content plus a premium subscription for one year.


The game’s major focus revolves around multiplayer PvP and PvE. Panzar also hosts a regular tournament with prizes for players to enjoy. There are RPG elements to the game as it is heavily fantasy based. By this, I mean that the game has eight different classes with different skills and of course with a different story as to how they got onto the battlefield but that’s for you to find out. Some similarly themed games include the Warhammer: Vermintide series or Chivalry with a “magical” touch. Like the two games, Panzar is a non-target combat system that gives more tactical realism and player freedom in battle.

PvP battles are fought on eight man teams in high intensity arenas while PvE takes any tema’s coordination to the test in raid-like scenarios. The clan system allows like-minded players to link up for tournaments and more because two is better than one in Panzar.

The World of Panzar

The unique map and its terrain give infinite possibilities for approaching the enemy team. The game also has elements commonly found in MOBAs offering players different potions, equipment, and skills to equip following the role that the player has taken on for the team. The PvP modes include Domination, Siege, Rugby, and King of the Hill which gives players some variability during their play. Panzar also has an in-game voice chat to elevate the tactical playing experience with friends and player alike.

I first got the chance to play Panzar in the midst of 2015 and the game was very fun then. It was a sleeper game within its genre and in my opinion, did not receive the recognition it did back in its earlier stages. Coming back to the game in 2018 I have both recurring complaints and praise about the game I wanted to share. First off, expect to learn by yourself how to play the game properly.

Panzar Gameplay

Even after three years, I was disappointed to find out that the initial learning experience was very underdeveloped and it took me a moment trying to remember and look up all the details about how to play the game. It also doesn’t help that the player base is low so most of your matches may be filled with AI bots which is a letdown. Another problem that is common with a low player base is the longtime veterans that offset any chance of potential new players staying for the long run.

It’s sad to say but the common result of such scenarios often turn the game into a world of its own with the few passionate players that are left to enjoy it. However, it is also my suggestion that you take the time to try the game as still then and now, the game’s concept is fresh and quite enjoyable as you get the hang of things. All it needs now is a little spark to bring in new players and we may see a gem coming out from the rough.

Panzar is a fantasy action MMO game developed by a Russian studio. Download it for free to enjoy the battles in several game modes.
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