PWND is a downloadable first-person shooter game. This great title draws inspiration from the classics of the genre. You can see the similarities to such as Quake Arena and CS: GO. The game is extremely dynamic, and the goal is to kill the opponents with a rocket launcher. PWND was released by Skydance Interactive studio on April 6, 2018 and is available for free download.

How to Download PWND

To download the PWND version for Windows, click on the Download button at the end of the game review. You will get the game for free from Steam.

PWND – the Review

PWND, is played in multiplayer mode, where teams of players, eliminate their opponents. Due to the gaming having a science fiction theme, you fight not only on the ground, but the players are also flying, so you can expect an attack from above and below. The game is played on specially designed full colorful maps. The arenas and costumes of the avatars are created to best resemble the 1980s.

It is not enough to kill your opponent, you also need to dance over his or her body to perform a special PWN dance ridiculing the rival. Then, however, you will be exposed to the danger of having a rocket explode on your head. That is why team support and protection from the companions are so important at this moment.

The Story

The plot is quite simple but interesting. In the future, mankind will enjoy entertainment in which gladiators fight to the death in huge arenas. However, everything is brought to the extreme by the participants using special capsules LAZER-US Resurrection Pods. They cause a resurrection of the gladiator, which means that each one can be killed repeatedly during sports competition without any consequences, to the delight of the spectators.

Things have gone even further and eliminating your opponent is not enough. You have to dance a victory dance over his body, during which you will be obviously exposed to an attack by another opponent.

The Characters in PWND

You can choose one of several available characters in the game. Each of the heroes is characterized by unique abilities:

  • Hank “The Humiliator” Harris can shoot with continuous fire and accelerate while moving. He has a bare wide chest that only ammunition belts cover. His characteristic image elements are a mustache, sideburns and a bandana.
  • Risa “The Pwnisher” Ito can set traps by sticking bombs to the elements of the surroundings, and also uses the support of a robot. She is an Asian girl who while, chasing her enemies, shouts “witness the power of Japanese technology” type of slogans.
  • Mack “The Law” Lawson can shoot many times from a standard launcher. Wide chest, a small head, and a black mustache. He likes cigars.
  • Victor “Splice” Guerrero can use a rocket launcher fixed to his hand. He is a violet-skin mutant.
  • Vex was a computer games fanatic, which due to an accident with the badly functioning experimental virtual reality helmet has been changed into a super-killer. She cannot distinguish the real world from the games. She thinks she is playing all the time.

The Game Mechanics

As we have already mentioned, the game is played in full three dimensions, and the way of giving long jumps deserves attention. All the players who played FPS classics should know what rocket jump is. The technique requires shooting under one’s feet to use the recoil force to perform a longer or higher jump. Here, the heroes of the game can also fly.

The Loot

During the gameplay,  you can get loot that will allow you to customize the hero’s appearance. You can get hold of super-cool skins on weapons, costumes, as well as sets of battle cries for each character.

What does PWND Mean?

Admittedly, playing PWND can be a lot of fun. The game mechanics, the design of the arenas, lavish game colors and the 80s like settings are a killing mix. As for the title of the game, it has its origin in the colloquial language used on the Internet. PWND is a variation on the word owned. The term is used when someone clearly wins with someone, in the game, but also in verbal exchanges.

PWND is a multiplayer FPS game. It differs from the crowd with its characteristic element – the requirement to dance over the body of a defeated enemy. Download the game for free and join the elite of futuristic gladiators.
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