Rapture Rejects

Rapture Rejects is a new downloadable title from the developers over at Galvanix Games and Explosm Games, with the first team only really being known for Gurgamoth before Rapture Rejects was released. The game was released on PC for Steam’s Early Access platform on the 29th November 2018 and is set to continually improve as time goes on through consistent development. Designed to be a top-down, isometric take on the battle royale genre, while being a part of the popular universe that is Cyanide & Happiness.

How to Download Rapture Rejects

You can download the game by clicking the Download link located below the reviews. The game is available via the Steam platform.

The Game Review

With a title like Rapture Rejects, the premise can be rather predictable. God has finally decided that he’s had enough of Earth and mankind and decides to pretty much hit the kill-switch on the entire planet. Those who are worthy are brought up to heaven through the Rapture and those that are left on Earth will be sent down to hell once they die.

In a gesture of good faith and to have some fun with the remaining humans on Earth, there is a single ticket to take one singular person up to heaven and they will be the one and only person. This ticket will be awarded to whichever person is the last man standing and thus the premise of the game as a whole begins.

Just like many battle royale games, Rapture Rejects starts off just the same: before you start getting into some matches, you’re going to want to create your own unique character. With a lot on offer, there’s plenty of ways to distinguish yourself from other players without ever blending too much into the background with them instead.

After the character is complete and you’re ready for a match, you’re thrown at random onto a vast, expansive map and are effectively told to become the last man standing, using whatever means that you deem necessary.

Throughout the map, you will find weapons, ammo, items that have plenty of different uses, such as healing and calling down explosives from above. During this time, the map slowly starts to enclose into the middle and the victor is whoever manages to outlive the last player.

An interesting take on the genre, other than the top-down isometric perspective is the addition of special attacks with certain weapons and the lookouts. Each weapon in the game can activate a special attack with a right-click, with each one being completely unique to one another and makes for a much more interesting spin on the usual combat.

With the addition of lookouts, though, you can activate them for a small period of time (or as long as you stand there) and the map will pan out much further than what you can normally do, allowing a good vantage point of the whole map. This addition to the game makes it incredibly easy to find some of the sneakier players out there who are hoping to get you just out of range of the normal viewpoint.

In terms of comparisons, the game has taken inspiration from popular battle royale games, such as Fortnite and PUBG, and meshed them both together with a perspective that’s very similar to Don’t Starve. All just on a much faster level, due to how condensed some of the areas on the map can be.

Rapture Rejects
Rapture Rejects takes you to a post-apocalyptic world in which your goals is to eliminate your opponents in a top-down isometric battle royale. Download it now.
8.5 Total Score
Rapture Rejects Review Summary

Anyone on the lookout for a new battle royale game that actually does something a little different will be able to find more than enough to enjoy with this one. Even fans of the cartoon Cyanide & Happiness will appreciate the game, if not for the gameplay, at the very least for the comedy and the humor.

  • Cyanide & Happiness comedy lends itself well to the game
  • Visuals are unique and make for a fun visual experience throughout
  • Different perspective makes for an enjoyable time playing this battle royale
  • Lag and server issues can really affect the game
  • Not too many weapons to choose from while you're playing
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