Red Faction: Guerrilla Re-Mars-tered

Red Faction Guerrilla Re-Mars-tered is the new remastered version of Red Faction: Guerilla. It is an open-world, 3rd-person shooter with a vast destruction system. Originally, the game was released on the 2nd June 2009 but has recently been released again for the PC and on PS4 and Xbox One on the 3rd July 2018. In Red Faction: Guerilla, destruction is the key and if the player wants to blow something up, then they have the complete freedom to do so.

How to Download Red Faction: Guerilla Re-Mars-tered

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The Game Review

In Red Faction: Guerilla, the story starts off with the main character migrating to Mars as there are no longer any jobs on Earth, and Mars just so happens to be the next best thing. After arriving at Mars, some stuff goes down and the main character quickly gets wrapped up in the resistance and the story follows him and many other resistance members as they fight to liberate Mars – through any means necessary.

The game plays a lot like any recent GTA game, where the player is tasked with roaming around the open-world, taking part in challenges, missions, and general tasks available to the player. There are a number of different areas for the game to gain access to, which can only be done by raising the liberation bar. This is accomplished by the player responding to missions’ in-game, taking out enemies, and destroying certain objects in the game world. Destruction is a major part in this game, and it’s pretty much a case of “if it can be seen, it can be destroyed.” With every destroyed part of an object or building, gravity and physics will be taken into consideration until the object can take the strain no longer and topples over.

Other than simply destroying everything in sight, players are expected to also shoot at any enemies that come their way with the weapons at their disposal. Just like any 3rd-person shooter, the player will be in third-person perspective, and anything the player wants dead, all they have to do is point and shoot. There are a myriad of different weapons and tools for both destruction and death.

Easily the biggest comparison for Red Faction: Guerilla would have to be the Grand Theft Auto series, as a lot of the gameplay quite clearly resembles those games. Just like in GTA, the player ends up doing a lot of shooting, a lot of missions and exploration, and plenty of driving with the vast selection of vehicles that the player ends up driving. The game does take inspiration from other open-world sandbox titles, but GTA is easily the biggest inspiration for it.

Anyone that enjoyed games like GTA or the original version of Red Faction: Guerilla is going to love the Re-Mars-tered edition, as it’s simply more of the same; simply updated for modern day systems. On top of this, because of the sudden resurgence of players, it now means people can enjoy the online multiplayer once again with the unique, destructive gameplay that not many games can proudly say they have.

Red Faction Guerrilla Re-Mars-tered
Red Faction: Guerilla Re-Mars-tered is a new version of the very well received third-person science fiction shooter. Download the game and enter the open world of the Red Planet for some wanton destruction.
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