ROBLOX by ROBLOX Corporation is a platform released in 2005 which purpose is to allow for publishing and hosting gaming content created by players. This means that players create their own games and share them for free through the platform. We have a choice of 15 million games of different genres, and the only limitations are the imagination and creativity of the contributors.

How to Download ROBLOX

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A Huge Variety of Games

In one ROBLOX game we can fight hordes of zombies, while in another, we can rob the bank and run away from the police. Still, in another, we can play on a parkour and in yet another have a fun simulation of life. Some games use original ideas, and some are the recreation of well-known and popular games (such as Counter-Strike). Some are played in well-known universes such as Harry Potter and Pokémon worlds. As far as graphics are concerned, ROBLOX visually resembles LEGO bricks worlds or the equally popular Minecraft game. Also here we see characters made from voxels and a world that is not too demanding as graphics card’s power is concerned. Consequently, ROBLOX can run on low-budget equipment.

The player starts ROBLOX with the creation of the avatar. Then he gets a piece of land on which he can create whatever his heart desires. This land later can grow to allow for even more building freedom. At the same time, each player can browse through the collections of the games created by others. Searching for games takes place from the main menu, where anyone can find their dream game with sliders, filters, and sorting capabilities.

For the players who want to see how good they are at creating ROBLOX games, the developer has developed ROBLOX Studio, which resembles a simplified version of the Unity or Unreal Engine environment. The program uses Lua scripting language and requires the knowledge of programming basics. Such high requirements don’t seem to be much of a deterrent because among the most popular creations we find the ones created by children and teenagers. A substantial part of the community is also students. For these game creators developers, ROBLOX Corporation in 2017 has paid $30 million as a payment for their contributions to the platform. The best received no less than $3 million.

The Paid Options in ROBLOX

The in-game purchases (mostly modifications to the avatars) are made by the Robux currency. You can get it while playing or obtain for real money. There is also a subscription to ROBLOX Builders Club, which allows the players to create groups, daily Robux inflow and access to limited premium content in the store.

The nondemanding graphics (low hardware requirements) and game availability tend to attract a younger audience. The developers of the platform consequently pay special attention to the security of the users under the age of 13, limiting their communication capabilities and account management. The parental control allows parents to modify their child account settings, disable chat, or restrict access to games that are inappropriate for the child’s age. Violent games or inappropriate content are also moderated or totally removed from the platform.

ROBLOX is available on PC, Xbox One, Android, iOS, and iPod Touch. The process of creating and hosting a game takes place in the cloud, allowing the player to freely test and then re-create each game on different platforms. The players may also count on the cross-platform feature.

Despite the premiere in 2005, the real boom for ROBLOX began much later. The triggers were:

  • opening up for the other platforms,
  • improved graphics,
  • and financial support for the game

All of the above contributed to the fact that ROBLOX in 2016 had a monthly 30 million unique logins and in 2017 the number reached 50 million.

ROBLOX is a free platform that allows you to play millions of different games based on the same Minecraft-like graphics engine. Download it for free.
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