Rust is a downloadable computer game in which in the first-person perspective view we play as a character whose main goal is to survive. The game forces us to make tools, build safe shelter, and provide food for ourselves. We do this because we are often hungry. We also need weapons to defend ourselves against aggressive animals and people. The title is inspired by such games as DayZ or Minecraft. The game was released in early access on 11 December 2013. It was published as a full version 4 years later – on February 8th, 2018.

How to Download Rust

The download of Rust can be performed via Steam.

How to Play and Win – the Guide

Each game is different therefore it’s quite hard to come up with a full-proof recipe for success. Every time a new player starts with basic gear and supplies and needs to build from there. For example, a stone that we own can be used to gather wood with which consequently we can build a shelter. Rust is focused on the development and discovery of new technology. The other players we meet in the game can be our friends with whom we build small villages. They can also be our foes with who we fight to the death. It’s totally up to us and the players around us how the gameplay will develop.

It might happen that we will stumble upon a person who will be willing to help us. It’s equally probable that very soon another individual will appear who, together with a hoard of his followers, will annihilate us. This is why the game requires a microphone to play efficiently. We need to communicate and look around all the time as any second something bad or good can happen. Quite often we may also witness a situation whereupon logging into the game to our dismay we discover that our home has been destroyed.  No worries, we can build a new one and visit our neighbors with vengeance.

Rust – a Sea of Possibilities

The game makes it possible to gather resources. These can be, for example:

  • stone,
  • wood,
  • iron ore,
  • sulfur,
  • linen,
  • or metal pieces.

If we fill so or need to (because of hunger or other needs) we can get food or skin from animal hunting. Food and other useful items can be found in seemingly deserted houses. This is however dangerous as they may be after all inhabited by other players. We can never be sure how they react when they see us. Sometimes we’re even dead before we know where the bullet came from.

In the world of Rust, we will encounter, among others:

  • chicken,
  • rabbits,
  • wild boars,
  • and bears.

As far as weaponry goes we have access to such tools as:

  • ax,
  • pick,
  • pistols,
  • automatic rifle,
  • shotgun,
  • grenade,
  • or explosives.

We can also create new items. We do it in the crafting mode. The interface shows us the list of items that can be created with what we have. If we are, after all, interested in something that is not there, we need to plan on how to obtain the necessary components. We can also try to disassemble the items we have, to get resources that can be used for something new. For every newly discovered item, we will also need paper as the must-have component.

Rust is a multiplayer survival game. Download it today. Get dressed, eat, build a home, and live, if necessary - at the cost of others.
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