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Today I am checking out the free fan game, Sans Simulator. If the name is ringing a bell it is because Sans is a popular character from the hit indie game Undertale. I will say right off the bat there is not exactly much substance to this game. However, if you enjoyed Undertale and the Sans boss fight, in particular, this is worth messing around with.

How to Download Sans Simulator

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The Game Review

This game lets you pick what version of Sans you want to fight against. While I will always like the standard “classic” Sans character. It is cool how you can dress him up or even use Papyrus, Chara, and Toriel if you want. There is a handful of styles of Sans which is kind of fun to see.

As far as the visuals go if you have played Undertale before you will love this. It looks just like it and Sans is one of the more iconic characters from that game. There is just something about his skeleton toothy grin that is appealing. Once you pick the character you want to fight, you jump into the game.

There is not really any “point” to Sans Simulator. You are just fighting Sans and trying to win. You do this by moving the little heart around and avoiding his attacks. I just used my keyboard to mess around with, but I think there is controller support as well.

It is the kind of thing that when you watch a video, it looks very, very simple. The thing is, it is pretty fast-paced and will certainly keep you on your toes while you are playing. I will say that in order to get any real satisfaction out of this, having played through Undertale is essential. Sans is an iconic character from that game, but only those who played all the way through Undertale will probably have any connection to him.

The trailer for this shows that you can play local and online multiplayer, but I could not find them in my version of the game so perhaps they are coming at a later date. I had a fun time just screwing around, fighting Sans, and seeing how well I could do. I liked being able to control his attacks too which was pretty fun.

I will say that there is not really any major point to Sans Simulator. It is one of the most memorable parts of Undertale and being able to mess around with it here is fun. Like I have said, a love for Undertale is pretty much essential, but I would certainly be very interested if they were to make another version of this with even more features.

Sans Simulator
Sans Simulator is an action game in which you fight against a character from the popular RPG game Undertale. Download it now for free.
7 Total Score
Sans Simulator Review Summary

  • If you enjoyed Undertale then this is well worth playing around with
  • Sans is one of my favorite characters from Undertale
  • You can fight different versions of Sans and different characters
  • It is very easy to jump into if you played Undertale
  • The game looks cool and I loved the soundtrack
  • You need to be an Undertale fan to get anything from this
  • There are no instructions on how to actually play
User Rating: 4.5 (2 votes)
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