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Today we are looking at one of the most popular free online game services, the Game Jolt Client. This has become very popular over the last year or so with many YouTubers streaming some of the more interesting and popular games. As a result, the Game Jolt Client is something that is very big with younger gamers.

How to Download Game Jolt

Game Jolt can be downloaded for free from There are also other interesting desktop apps for online game stores. Check out our reviews of many similar tools, such as Uplay, Origin, Steam or Tencent Gaming Buddy, to name just a few.

The Review of the Client

Before I talk about the kind of games that you can find on the Game Jolt Client, I want to talk about the actual service. It is free to download (supported by ads) and it is actually very easy to use. It has plenty of options for you to play around with such as it launching whenever you turn your PC on. Also, you can play the games you download in offline mode which is way more of a handy feature than you would think.

As far as the games on the platform go the world really is your oyster. They have many different categories for you to browse such as RPG, horror, action, adventure, and fangame to name a few. You can spend just as long browsing the categories and looking at the never-ending supply of games as you can simply play one. It is kind of like when you spend an hour looking for something on Netflix.

It is not really for me to say what are the best games that are on the Game Jolt Client. A couple that I have spent a lot of time with over the last few days are Sanicball, Gravity Falls: Pinequest 2D and Sonic Time Twisted. I get a really big kick out of the fun games for various properties that I like which are featured on Game Jolt.

The program is a great way for people who like to make games to get them out to the world. This is way above my level of “expertise” however, from what I can tell The Game Jolt Client is great for those with the talent to make their own games. There are some great original titles on here as well as those that are based on existing properties.

The majority of games that you will see on here are free for you to play. Some though do have a price tag on them. The pricing of games on the Game Jolt Client is all over the place. For example, a game like The Adventure Pals has a $14.99 price tag and a game like Boneko allows you to pay what you would like.

One of the things that I feel most people will find surprising about the Game Jolt Client is just how polished some of these games are. Yes, like any service like this there are a lot of terrible games. However, there are some very talented people working on games for the Game Jolt Client and as a result, there are some fantastic and well-made games on here.

I think that the platform offers a great service. Not only does it have some awesome games to play, but it is also very easy to use. This is one service that I do highly recommend that you try you. I am sure you will be surprised at how many games are on here that you will have a lot of fun with.

Game Jolt
Game Jolt desktop client lets you download and play a huge number of free indie games. Get it now and enjoy your day.
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