Shadow Warrior 2

Shadow Warrior 2 is the type of downloadable game that you will like a lot just because it offers melee in its purest form. You don’t play a game like Shadow Warrior 2 for its story, you do it solely for the gameplay alone. And it definitely excels in this situation. The game does a good job at allowing you to play with a friend in cooperative mode, and that brings in even more excitement and fun moments in here.

How to Download Shadow Warrior 2

You can download this 2016 game from or Steam. You should be interested also in Shadow Warrior Classic from 1997 (made by 3D Realms) which can be downloaded completely for free or its remake done by Flying Wild Hog (the makers of SW2), which was released in 2012 (and there’s a free demo too).

And if you like ninjas, check out also the 2D games: Mark of the Ninja: Remastered or Shadow Fight 2.

The Game Review

The parkour in the game is fun and we like that the speed, shortcuts, and movements are all fluid and a great part of the game. You will appreciate the fact that there are more than 70 weapons in the game, it just makes things better and you have a variety of stuff to choose from, which is always nice and useful.

In addition, they do allow you to customize your weapons with elemental damage, numerous types of bullets, alternate fire modes and so on. These are all cool ideas that bring you plenty of game customization experiences that you can enjoy.

The Co-op

As for the cooperative side of things, this is very smooth most of the time. You might encounter a few issues here and there, but for the most part, the gameplay is super functional and rewarding, exactly what you want from a title like this.

The Graphics

The visuals are nice too. The first game already looked really nice, and Shadow Warrior 2 definitely has its fair share of benefits in this situation. There can be a bit too much blood and the game can induce a bit of motion sickness, but as you play you get used to it.

Shadow Warrior 2 Skills

It’s also nice to see that there are respecs in there, so you can shift skills if you want. The destructible terrain provides a whole lot of new possibilities, and that’s a cool factor that you will enjoy again and again.

The Missions and the Weapons

It really helps a lot to just play this and have fun with it as you see fit. The game does have challenge missions, but these lead to end game crafting that’s not as fulfilling and fun. That being said, the gameplay is at least extremely good and it never gets old to kill enemies. Plus, the weapon mods will always offer new and fun ways to get rid of your enemies and have fun for a change. It’s just a great opportunity and a unique experience, one that you will enjoy having, again and again, so check that out if you can.

Shadow Warrior 2
Shadow Warrior 2 is a first-person perspective ninja shooter game. Download it now and be prepared for guns and blades fantasy extravaganza.
9 Total Score
Shadow Warrior 2 Review Summary

Overall, Shadow Warrior 2 is a great game. There are some connectivity issues and the plot is iffy at best, but in the end what matters is the gameplay. And Shadow Warrior 2 shines here because it's fun and unique in its own right. You do need some time to get used to it, but that will certainly be a great experience.

  • Very good gameplay, combat is fast and fluid
  • Interesting progression curve
  • Lots of weapon customizations
  • New game plus system
  • Coop gameplay can have host issues at times
  • The UI makes managing loot to be tedious
  • Story could be better
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